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                     KOOL Cut™ Double Jet Modular Turning & Grooving  Coolant System 

  • Interchangeable Shank Sizes & Cartridge Styles
  • Rigidity, Flexibility, Precision, Repeatability, for Multi-Operation & High Performance



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Tool Posts

A complete source for all Dorian CNC and Manual Tool Posts

Positive lock with absolute zero backlash, Heat treated and precision ground alloy steel, Precise tool repeatability of .0001", Industry standard, Maintenance free. 

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Tool Holders

The source for Dorian tool holders for CNC and Manual Tool Holders

Quadra Quick Change

Super Quick Change: 

Cut-off Blades  Cut-off Inserts  Tool Post Sets    Knurling Tools

Victory Thru Coolant Toolholders


Phase II+ Tool Posts, Sets & Holders

Hobby Quick Change Tool Post SetPrecision & Economical.  9"-20" swing tool room lathes, 7.9" hobby lathes and 5.8" micro lathes.

Phase II+ Lathe Chucks

ACCU-SET LATHE CHUCKSPrecision & Economical.  3, 4 & 6 Jaw chucks from 3" through 20" diameters


Tool Post & Tool Holder Sets

The most economical way to tool-up a new lathe or to re-tool an existing lathe.

Quadra Series sets  

D Series sets  

Victory Series sets

Phase II+ Tool post sets


Multi-Application Turning & Grooving |Profiling & Parting Off Toolholders & Insert


 Dorian Thru Coolant Cutting Tools, Toolholders, Boring Bars and Threading Tools

Live & Dead Centers

Dorian Perfetta live centers feature multiple bearings and high accuracy for various speed ranges and applications with life time lubrication for long life.

Precision Live Centers  Heavy Duty Live Centers   CNC High Speed Heavy Duty Live Centers

Dorian Perfetta dead centers are designed for all speed ranges and applications for long service life.  Dead Centers

Cut-off blades & Inserts

Dorian Cut-off Blades. Slot Grip Positive Stop Blades
are designed for use with standard cut-off inserts and standard cut-off blade holders.

Cut-off Blades

Slot Grip cut-off & Grooving Insert chipbreaker geometry reduces machining force for controlled, coiled chip flow and is quickly inserted into adjustable blades.     Cut-off & Grooving Inserts


CO2 Cooling Hard Metal Machining

Hard metal turning of exotic materials used in medical applications is easy with ChilAire™ Lite, Fuse and Element  powerful CO2 cooling and lubrication systems. 

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Toolholders & Boring Bars (Standard & Thru Coolant)

Toolholders, Boring Bars and all the components that go with them.  Also available are interchangeable boring bar heads and bars without heads. Plus Dorian Jet-Stream Thru Coolant cutting tool system.                  

Toolholders   Boring Bars

Dorian Thru Coolant Cutting Tools, Toolholders, Boring Bars and Threading Tools 


E-commerce business and online market development

Productivity improvement, project management,  product development

   CONTRACT MANUFACTURING                    

Components, Equipment, Electronics and more!

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