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Magnetic Deburring Machines & Media

Small, Precision Parts Deburring

sPINner is used in medical, aerospace and electronics industries plus most parts made on CNC Swiss-type screw machines.  

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Plastic Injectors

Small, Precision Part Injection Molding

AB Plastic Injectors are specially designed for plastics, medical, dental and  jewellery industries 

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Tool Presetters

Precision Tool Presetting Requiring Minimal Skills 

Let a Dorian High Precision Tool Presetters improve accuracy and productivity in your shop with quick set positioning, high precision linear guides and re-circulating bearings,0.0005" positioning and .0002" repeatability.   More information

Magnetic Sweepers

Storch Magnetic Sweepers are ideally suited for hard to get at places around machines or in tight quarters. It easily reaches under machinery and is perfect for removing ferrous chips, shavings, small metal parts and scrap. Tow and fork lift models are also available for plant and yard clean-ups.  

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Magnetic Separators 

Industrial Magnetics Plate Magnets Purify & Protect Your Process Equipment 

More Magnetic Separator Information

Pneumatic Tapping MachinesFlexArm S-36 & M-60 Pneumatic Tapping Machines

Slash CNC Tapping Costs with FlexArm Pneumatic Tapping Machines

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Light Duty Assemblers

Vertical Light Duty Assemblers to 30 Ft Lbs.High Torque, High Efficiency, Easy Assembly for Nut Running, Tool Balancing, Stud Welders, Screw Driving, Helicoil Insertion & More

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Pulse Puddle Welding

Increase weld speed, impact strength & ductility with less cracking & less distortion!  

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Vibration Isolation Pads

Prevent Machine Vibration Problems & Reduce In-Plant Noise   

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Tapping Heads
Increase Tap Life & Cut Tapping Costs by 50% or More With TAPMATIC ISO 9001 Certified Tapping Equipment and;

Improve thread quality and increase production through fewer tool changes

Reduce down time  More information

Indoor Air Quality Monitors       

Model K2211 Handheld Indoor Air Quality MeterEssential for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) investigations, HVAC testing, industrial hygiene, filter face air velocity measurement, facility certification and clean room studies.

  • Hand-held, portable, high temperature, humidity and multi-channel anemometers
  • Hand-held indoor air quality monitorss
  • Dust monitors
  • Laser and Condensation particle counters
  • Portable laser airborne particle counters
  • Hand-held gas monitors

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Mist Eliminators

Trion Mini M.E. Mist EliminatorThe Trion Mini M.E. Mist Eliminator collects coolant mist and smoke at the work station to comply with OSHA standards, improving employee safety and working conditions, protects equipment and work-in-process and plant maintenance costs.

More Mini M.E. Mist Eliminator Information

HEPA - Ambient Air Cleaners

mM68 HEPA Media Air Cleaner     True HEPA 99.7% @ .3 Um.  The ultimate in high efficiency for those OSHA regulated heavy metals (Cadmium, Beryllium, Zinc, Lead).  Up to 2,000 cfm.  Features: side load mechanical filter system for easy access, 1.5HP maintenance free motor, 35% protective pre-filter.

More HEPA Ambient Air Cleaner Information

Machine Levelers

Precise Machine Leveling & Anchoring ...FAST!

With AirLoc Jacmount Adjustable Levelers and Wedgemount Precision Levelers.

More information

Distortion Controllers & Stress Relief Equipment

Reduce Distortion, Grind Time and Machine Time Using Vibration Energy with Black Magic Distortion Controllers  


Stress Relief information

E-commerce business and online market development

Productivity improvement, project management,  product development

    CONTRACT MANUFACTURING                    

Components, Equipment, Electronics and more!

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