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Automatically activate coolant flow 

with the Dorian Victory Automatic Thru Coolant Tooling System featuring;

An Automatic Thru Coolant Tool Post that activates coolant flow when a toolholder is placed and locked in position,

First Time Buyer sets, Turning Sets and CNC sets available for extra savings.

Thru Coolant Holders for every operation for Jet-Stream square shank tools or boring bars with integral coolant passage or standard non-thru coolant quick change toolholders,

Jet-Stream Toolholders and Boring bars that direct air or liquid coolant to cool the cutting tip or flush away chips and 

A CNC Quick Change Gang Tool to convert a programmable lathe into a CNC turning center!


The Automatic Thru Coolant tool post features a triple action locking system, zero backlash, precise repeatability within 0.0001", 15 degree locking handle position adjustment, super heavy duty locking gear and wedge style sliding gibs, industry standard interchangeable toolholders, Thru-Coolant toolholders and is supplied with all coolant attachments and valves.

Manufactured of high tensile strength chromium-molydenum alloy steel body, locking gear, sliding gibs, locking gear head and locking handle, through hardened, Ion Nitrided and Xylan coated body, precision ground locking gear and sliding gibs for wear resistance and repeatability.  And,  CNC precision ground and qualified for accuracy and super  precise repeatability.

All Thru Coolant holders feature quick change mounting, a double coolant system for either Thru Coolant square shank toolholders and boring bars or industry standard toolholders, constant insert cutting edge temperature control and chip flow control.  The result in longer insert life, better surface finish,  tight tolerances, higher speeds and feeds.  All are manufactured of high tensile strength chromium-molydenum alloy steel through hardened, Ion Nitrided and Black Oxide coated for accuracy and super precise tool change repeatability within 0.0001".

Boring bar holders feature a "V" Seat to hold boring bars and other round tools as well as square shank tools.

Thru coolant Extra Heavy Duty Boring Bar Holders are precision ground with a honed bore for precise tool alignment and squareness and includes a Quick-Lock to align the boring bar center-height and rake angle automatically.  four special flat-machined and ground locking screws assure high rigidity extended overhangs without scarring the boring bar.  Sizes up to 3" capacity.

The Thru Coolant Morse Taper Holder is designed for deep, heavy duty drilling.  

Also available (but not shown here ) are Thru Coolant reversible cut-off blade Holders, O.S. or I.D. threading holders, knurling holders, dovetail drill chuck holders and 5C Collet holders.

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Dorian Jet-Stream Toolholders & Boring Bars   The purpose of the Jet-Stream Toolholder and Boring Bar  is to provide the ability to turn inserts at higher speeds and feeds.  It is suited to all general turning applixations from heavy ruoghing to high speed finishing.

The unique Dor-Lock clamping system provides holding security and precisely controls the  velocity of the air or liquid coolant flow in one system.  

            Dorian Gang Tool

With a Victory CNC Quick Change Gang Tool you can automate any programmable toolroom lathe easily.  The Victory CNC Quick Change Gang Tool holds up to 10 tools in a linear setup and elimintes the need of stopping the machine to change tools after each operation.  And there is no wiring or interfacing required.

The Victory CNC Quick Change Gang Toolslides over the tool post dovetail just like a regular quick change toolholder and is locked in place with a pull of the tool post locking handle.  Anti-rotation pins prevent any radial movement of the tool  post under heavy drilling, boring, turning and threading operations.

The center height of all tools can be simultaneously adjusted using the height adjustment screw to minimize setup/changeover time.

After removing the Victory CNC Quick Change Gang Tool by simply sliding it off the toolpost dovetail, the toolpost will remain on the machine immediately ready for other work.  

The  Victory CNC Quick Change Gang Tool is supplied with a standard Thru Coolant system and all coolant fittings.

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