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GPI Water Meters - TM Series Models                           GPI TM Series water meter.  Turbine meters for use with water applications.  Digital indication of totalization and rate of flow.


This economy water flow meter is an ideal alternative to tradional water meters. The TM Series water meters offer flow rate and flow total indication that help monitor water flow in wastewater application, water treatment, and sub-metring application. The battery powered electronic display TM Series water flow meters are calibrated to read in gallons and liters per minute. These water flow meters also have two totals in which case one is resettable and the other gives you cumulative flow totals. These electronic water meters are available in 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch models.

TM Series Turbine Flow Meters for use with:

  • Water Irrigation Systems
  • Sub-Metering Applications
  • Waste Water Treatment

Fitting type: NPT (female)

Accuracy: +/-3.0%

Part No.

Fitting Size


Price USD

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1/2 Inch

GPI TM Style 1-10 gpm Water Flow Meter

$360.90  Add to cart


3/4 Inch

GPI TM Style 2-20 gpm Water Flow Meter

$369.00 Add to cart


1 Inch

GPI TM Style 5-50 gpm Water Flow Meter

$454.50 Add to cart


1-1/2 Inch

GPI TM Style 10-100 gpm Water Flow Meter

$478.80 Add to cart


2 Inch

GPI TM Style 20-200 gpm Water Flow Meter

$519.30 Add to cart

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GPI Water Meters - A1 Series Models

GPI A1 Series commercial grade meters with self-contained turbine and LCD display available in nylon and aluminum

GPI Commercial Grade Meters are identified by an A1 prefix. Commercial Grade Meters are packaged as a self-contained unit. Select this meter when you need an accurate, basic meter. GPI Commercial Grade Meters come in Aluminum and Nylon.
Choose one of three sizes of Aluminum meters for petroleum products. Use the Nylon meters for water or non-aggressive chemicals.

Part No. Fitting Size Description

Price USD

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1 Inch

GPI A1 Style 0.3-3 gpm Nylon Flow Meter

$574.20  Add to cart


1 Inch

GPI A1 Style 3-50 gpm Nylon Flow Meter

$576.90 Add to cart


2 Inch

GPI A1 Style 0.3-3 gpm Aluminum Flow Meter

$604.80 Add to cart


1 Inch

GPI A1 Style 3-50 gpm Aluminum Flow Meter

$610.20 Add to cart


1 Inch

GPI A1 Style 30-300 gpm Aluminum Flow Meter

$1,297.80 Add to cart




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