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Permanent Magnetic Sheet Fanners

Standard permanent and electromagnetic Industrial Magnetics Sheet Fanners and Separators are designed to separate steel sheet stock.

Industrial Magnetics Permanent Magnetic Sheet FannerAs sheets are placed against the sheet fanner, the powerful magnetic field automatically forces the sheets apart and separates them from one another. Manually prying apart sticky, oily sheets is no longer necessary and die damaging double blanking problems are eliminated.

The flexible mounting design gives you more options to match your application needs. Use the handle and base plate for portable applications or use the tapped holes to bolt the fanner to your equipment or tooling.

Note: Choose a fanner with a height 2-3 inches taller than your maximum stack height.

Typical Magnetic Sheet Separator Installations: For best results, locate the magnetic fanner at the corner(s) of large sheets and in the center of the width of length on smaller sheets. Fanners placed opposite each other on small sheets will actually float the sheet.

Sheet Stock Size By Square In. 1/4" - 7ga. 7 - 12ga. 12 - 18ga. 18 - 24ga. 24 - 30ga.
144 sq. in. TKF TKF MGF MGF TNF
288 sq. in. NA TKF MGF MGF TNF
432 sq. in. NA NA MGF MGF TNF
576 sq. in. NA NA TKF MGF TNF
864 sq. in. NA NA TKF MGF (Use 2)TNF
1,152 sq. in. NA NA NA MGF (Use 2)TNF
1,292 sq. in. NA NA NA TKF (Use 2)TNF
1,728 sq. in. NA NA NA TKF (Use 2)TNF
2,304 sq. in. NA NA NA (Use 2)TKF (Use 2)TNF

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Thin Gauge Fanner(TNF): 20 to 30 gauge - 6-3/16" wide, 1-7/16" thick, 1/4-20 tapped
Part No. Height (in) Hole Ctr. Weight (lbs)

Price, $USD

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TNF06 6-3/16 4" 9 $226.34 Add to cart
TNF09 9-1/4 6" 12 $278.05 Add to cart
TNF12 12-1/4 9" 15 $314.15 Add to cart
TNF15 15-1/4 8-5/8" 18 $356.10 Please call

Medium Gauge Fanner(MGF): 12 to 20 gauge - 6-3/16" wide, 2-11/16" thick, 3/8-16 tapped
Part No. Height (in) Hole Ctr. Weight (lbs)

Price, $USD

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MGF09 9-1/4 6" 29 $282.93  Add to cart
MGF12 12-1/4 9" 40 $354.15 Add to cart
MGF15 15-1/4 8-5/8" 49 $408.78 Add to cart
MGF18 18-5/16 10-3/16" 58 $455.61 Add to cart
MGF21 21-5/16 11-5/8" 68 $485.85 Add to cart

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Thick Gauge Fanner(TKF): 7 to 12 gauge - 8-5/16" wide, 3" thick, 3/8-16 tapped
Part No. Height (in) Hole Ctr. Weight (lbs)

Price, $USD

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TKF09 9" 6 43 $431.22  Add to cart
TKF12 12" 9 60 $552.20 Add to cart
TKF15 15" 8-5/8" 69 $656.59 Add to cart
TKF18 18" 10-3/16" 83 $750.24 Please call
TKF21 21" 11-5/8" 97 $831.22 Please call

Light Gauge to Heavy Gauge Steel Magnetic Sheet Separator

Increase efficiency, production and safety while reducing handling problems of stacked sheet steels.

Eliminates the possibility of doubling or marring of sheets and shuffling or prying sheets apart. 

Storch Sheet Separators endure the rugged environment found in job shops or production plants.  The 11 gauge stainless steel shroud and heavy H.R.S. bottom plate counter balance and mounting base are hard to tip or knock over.  these separators resist cambering while in use.

Series 1 through 3 are Bi-pole separators to separate mill-run sheets, irregular shaped cutoffs and oily, pre-finished or polished blanks.

The uni-pole Series 4 (for use with round or light gauge stock) is constructed similar to the Series 1-3 separator.

Permanent magnet strength lasts a lifetime.

NOTE: The working height is the overall height less 1 1/4".


How They Work

Sheet separation utilizes the basic law of like poles repelling (e.g. "N" repels "N").  When the Storch Magnetic Separators strong North and South fields are vertically aligned aside each other, against stcked sheets, the upper sheets will repel or separate.  Remove the weight of the top sheet and, due to the repelling magnetic force, the sheets below will again "fan" or separate.  the process ends only when the stack is eliminated.








For Light Gauge Steel


For Light Gauge Steel


For Light Gauge Steel


For Light Gauge Steel


For Medium Gauge Steel


For Medium Gauge Steel


For Medium Gauge Steel


For Medium Gauge Steel


For Heavy Gauge Steel


For Heavy Gauge Steel


For Heavy Gauge Steel


For Heavy Gauge Steel


For Heavy Gauge Steel


For Heavy Gauge Steel


For Light Round Sheet


For Light Round Sheet


For Light Round Sheet


3" Gearbelt Conveyors for use with Sheet Separators.........Call for a quote!  Toll free 888-849-8034

Magnetic Skate Rails for use with Sheet Separators.............Call for a quote!  Toll free 888-849-8034



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