MagVISE EEPM-CCIRS for Machining & Grinding

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Reduce Set-up & Change-over Time by 50% or More

 MagVISE electro-permanent round magnetic machining & grinding chucks ...

  • Versatile round chucks for many different applications

  • Reduce setup & part change-over by 50% or more

  • Machine freely on 5-sides so you can cut the full part profile in only 1 operation

  • Very uniform holding so no workpiece deformation

9 stock sizes of EEPM-CIRS chucks to choose from.  Custom chucks are also available.

Induction blocks are always recommended to preserve the precision ground finish and to prevent damaging the chuck.

Easily modify induction blocks for your part requirements.  Use EEPM-SP induction blocks for holding warped stock.

 MagVISE EEPM-CIRS for Machining & Grinding Chucks   MagVISE EEPM-CIRS for Machining & Grinding Chuck applications MagVISE EEPM-CIRS for Machining & Grinding Selection Chart

Select Chucks from the Table above.  We build custom chucks for your specific needs.  

MagVISE EEPM-CIRS for Machining & Grinding Chuck Control  Call us at 888-849-8034  for to discuss your requirements and pricing.

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EZ-lift Lifting Magnets complete the MagVISE System

Earth-Chain ELM permanent lifting magnetClick for Magnetic Lifting Magnet Details

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EZ-Lift permanent lifting magnet used to load and unload CNC machines. MagVISE Magnetic Workholding Vises

Custom Workholding without the "custom" cost! 

Click for MagVISE magnetic workholding system details to make your EZ-Lift lifting magnet even more productive.

MagVISE information.


Many more models are available.  Contact Industry Depot with your specific requirements!





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