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Industrial Magnetics 100 Series Multi Angle Welding SquaresIndustrial Magnetics 400 Series Magnetic Welding SquaresIndustrial Magnetics Heavy Duty Magnetic Welding SquaresIndustrial Magnetics WS420 Magnetic Square






The switchable ON/OFF Rare Earth MagSquares, featuring Magswitch® technology, are extremely powerful. Features, simple, fast work-holding on multiple side of the MagSquare. Eliminate the need for tedious clamping. Versatile, MagSquares can be used on flat or round steel or iron surfaces. Pre-Tapped holes on all sides for mounting.

Unlike a standard magnetic welding angle, these switchable Rare Earth adjustable welding angles, featuring Magswitch® technology, can be turned on and off! So not only will the magnet stay clean and free of particle build up when not in use (no wiping!), but it also lets you position the welding angle to your piece without fighting a magnetic field and marring it's surface. Once you've got your angle set, simply rotate the handles to turn the magnets on. This lets welders set up, weld and move on to the next job in a flash. The unique design also has magnetic bases that rotate for virtually unlimited welding angles and is reversible for inside or outside holds - even against pipe.


IMI's Standard Magnetic Welding Squares are ideal for welders that need fast set-up and accurate holding of sheet stock or tubing. Ferrous stock can be securely held at angles of 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90° and 180°. Mounting holes are provided for fixturing squares into jigs.

  • Ideal for welders that need fast setup and accurate holding
  • Hold work pieces at up to 10 different angles
  • WS420 and WS820 models features breakaway handles

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Magnetic Welding Squares
Holding Value Part No. Description Ln. (in) Ht. (in) Th. (in) Wt. (lbs) Price USD Buy Now
23 lbs. WS11094 10 Angle 3-3/8 2-9/16 1/2 .5 $14.08  Add to cart
45 lbs. WS11094X2 10 Angle Heavy Duty 3-3/8 2-9/16 1 1.0 $27.14  Add to cart
40 lbs. WS100 Adjustable 4-3/4 2-3/4 9/16 .65 $20.10 Add to cart
55 lbs. WS300 Standard 3-3/8 3-3/8 5/8 .7 $11.06 Add to cart
110 lbs. WS302 Adjustable 6-1/8 3-3/8 5/8 1.4 $22.37 Add to cart
75 lbs. WS400 Standard HD 3-3/4 4-3/8 3/4 1.0 $21.62 Add to cart
75 lbs. WS410 Covered HD 3-3/4 4-3/8 3/4 1.0 $28.65 Add to cart
150 lbs. WS420 Extra HD 3-3/4 4-3/8 1-1/2 2.8 $48.76  Add to cart
160 lbs. WS810 Heavy Duty 8 8 7/8 4.75 $61.33   Add to cart
325 lbs. WS820 Super HD 8 8 1-5/8 9.5 $125.66   Add to cart


On/Off Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic welding squares, featuring Magswitch® technology, are ideal for welders that need fast set-up, accurate holding and precise placement of steel sheet stock, plate and tubing.

  • Features: 

  • 5 common angles: 45, 75, 90, 105 & 135 degrees

  • WSS300MS is a dual purpose tool, utilizing multi-angle square and a 300 AMP welding ground all in one

  • Stays clean and chips fall off easily when magnet is turned off

  • Heat resistant up to 180°F (82°C)

Magnetic Welding Squares
Holding Value Part No. Th. (in) Wd. (in) Ln. (in) Wt. (lbs) Price, USD Buy Now
80 lbs. WSS200MS 1-1/4 2-7/8 2-1/2 0.40 $53.22  Add to cart
150lbs WSS300MS 1-7/8 3-1/2 3-3/8 1.20 $69.48 Add to cart


These switchable On/Off Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic Welding Angles let welders set up, weld and quickly move on to the next project. Simply place it on a work surface, turn it on and start welding. Stainless steel construction.

On/Off magnets easily allows debris to fall away. Can be used on flat or round steel or cast iron and provide a non-marring hold.

  • Pivoting Magnetic Welding Angles: Pivoting Magnetic Welding Angles pivot to angles ranging from 22° to 270°, with locking handle and detents. Hold on 3 sides.

  • 90° Magnetic Welding Angles have slots allowing for quick-slide adjustment or addition of more magnetic bases. Reversible for inside or outside hold.

  • 3-Sided 90° Magnetic Welding Angles have magnetic holding on three sides and feature two strong on/off switchable magnetic faces.

On/Off - Rare Earth Magnetic Welding Angles
Holding Value (lbs) Part No. Holding Value (lbs) Description Height (in) Length (in) Width (in) Weight (lbs) Price, USD Buy Now
150 WSP0150R 150 Pivoting 9.625 9.625 2.125 4.30 $275.11  Add to cart
150 WSF0150R 150 90° 8.25 8.25 2.875 3.60 $215.09


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450 WSF0450R 450 90° 12.25 12.25 3.875 6.80 $525.20


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275 WSF275X3 275 90° / 3-Sided 7.25 7.25 1.625 5.00 $246.15


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Magnetic ON/OFF Magnetic Welding Squares & Fixture Magnets

MAG90 ON/OFF Earth Magnetic Welding SquaresMagnetic Welding Multi-Angle SquaresMagnetic Welding Multi-Angle Square with 300 amp  Ground








The switchable, On/Off Rare Earth MagSquares, featuring MagSwitch® technology, are extremely powerful magnetic welding squares that allow you to turn the magnet "on" or "off" by a simple twist of the handle. This alleviates the problem of the magnet sticking to surfaces you may not want it to, allows for fast, exact placement of the square and prevents metal fines from collecting on the magnet face.

With fast magnetic work-holding on multiple sides of the MagSquare, you can eliminate the need for tedious & time consuming clamping. Versatile MagSquares can be used on flat or round, steel or iron surfaces and have pre-tapped holes on all sides for mounting.

Mag90™ - On/Off Rare Earth Magnetic Welding Squares & Fixture Magnets
Flat Part Holding Value (lbs) Round Part Holding Value (lbs) Round Part Min. Dia. (in) Part No. Description Height (in) Width (in) Length (in) Tap Weight (lbs) Price USD Buy Now
150 75 1-1/2 WS0150R Mag90™ Square 2-3/4 1-1/2 1-1/2 #8-32 0.80 $72.12 Add to cart
450 225 2 WS0450R Mag90™ Square 4-5/8 2-1/2 3 1/4-20 4.30 $225.00 Add to cart
1000 500 4 WS1000R Mag90™ Square 4-3/4 4 4-1/4 3/8-16 10.45 $450.17 Add to cart
80 N/A WSM0150R Mag90™ Multi-Angle Square 3-1/2 1-15/16 3-1/2 #8-20 1.45 $78.03 Add to cart
150 N/A WSM0150RG Mag90™ Multi-Angle Square & 300 AMP Ground 3-3/4 1-15/16 4 #8-20 1.60 $83.03 Add to cart




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