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The Complete Way Lubricant Source 

Call toll-free to discuss your special requirements at 888-849-8034.

Way Lubricants

Waylube 32

Waylube 68

Waylube 220

Download Waylube Datasheet

Slideway, bearing, and gear lubricant; prevents chattering and stick/slip.  Tacky.  Viscosities are based on cSt @40oC

Clear Waylube 68

Clear Waylube 220

Download Clear Waylube Datasheet

Sulfur free and water white; severely hydrotreated oil reduces bacteria growth; food grade approved

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Call 888-849-8034 to discuss your requirements.

Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic 32

Hydraulic 46

Hydraulic 68

Hydraulic 150

Hydraulic 320

Hydraulic 460

Anti-wear hydraulic oils fortified with extreme pressure additives. Designed for vane, piston, and gear pumps.  

Precision Fluids has hydraulic oils that have 6,000 hour RBOT results.  Viscosity grades are based on cSt @ 40oC.



 Also available in 20,000 hour.

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Call 888-849-8034 to discuss your requirements.

Download Hydraulic AW 6K Datasheet

Download Hydraulic AW 20K Datasheet

Gear Oils

EP Gear Oil 46

EP Gear Oil 68

EP Gear Oil 100

EP Gear Oil 150

EP Gear Oil 220

EP Gear Oil 320

EP Gear Oil 460

EP Gear Oil 680

Extreme pressure fortified gear oils designed specifically for enclosed gears, drives, bearings, chains, and slides.  

Product line contains the entire spectrum of AGMA EP 1 gear oils (46) up to AGMA EP 8 gear oils (680)

Download Datasheet

Ashless Rust &Oxidation (R&O) Oils

Precision R & O 22

Precision R & O 32

Precision R & O 46

Precision R & O 68

Precision R & O 100

Precision R & O 150

Precision R & O 220

Precision R & O 320

Precision R & O 460 

Features of Precision Fluids R & O Oils:
  • High quality rust and oxidation oils for circulating systems (turbines, pumps, machine tools, and gear drives) requiring a non-EP lubricant.  
  • Recommended for air compressors.  
  • Viscosity grades are based on cSt @ 40oC


 Download Precision R & O Oils Datasheet


Royal 98 Lithium
Download Datasheet

Extreme pressure, lithium thickened grease.  Excellent tack and water resistance;  NLGI #1; NLGI #2.

Royal Polyurea
Download Datasheet 

Premium high temperature, multi-purpose grease; for heavy loads; resists rust; NLGI #2

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Call 888-849-8034 to discuss your requirements.

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