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Use Magnetic Hand Tools to...
  • Safely and Productively hold and retrieve ferrous parts without electricity
  • Clean-up work areas and gather-up fasteners and small parts quickly
Sheet Handlers

Industrial Magnetics Magnetic Sheet HandlerProtect workers from cuts, slivers, nicks & burns! Use the Magnetic Sheet Handler for steel sheets, plates, hot or oily parts.
  • Increase productivity
  • No electricity required
  • Handle sheets stacked horizontally or vertically
Sheet Handlers
Holding Value Part No. Wd. (in) Magnet Ln. (in) Ht. (in) Weight (lbs) Price, USD Buy Now
50 B100 3-5/8 6-1/8 1-3/8 3.50 $168.27  Add to cart
125 B250 7-1/4 6-1/8 1-1/8 8.25 $232.69 Add to cart
200 B400 7-1/4 6-1/8 1-7/16 8.25 $260.58 Add to cart
300 B600 7-1/4 6-1/8 1-3/8 8.25 $319.20 Add to cart

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Trigger Lifts

Industrial Magnetics Magnet Hand Held Trigger Lift Sheet HandlerHand held lift allows strong grip of parts with an easy to use trigger release.

  • One handed operation
  • Permanent magnet
  • Lightweight aluminum housing
  • Move sheets/parts faster & easier
  • Retrieve hot parts from cutting tables
Trigger Lifts
Holding Value Part No. Ln. (in) Wd. (in) Ht. (in) Weight (lbs) Price, USD Buy Now Buy Now
50 lbs. B090 3-3/8 2-3/8 4-13/16 1.0 $131.73  Add to cart  Add to cart

GripStick Part Retrievers

The GripStick Retriever is a lightweight magnetic hand tool to assist you in applications where you don't want to use your hands to pickup hot or oily parts. The GripStick is also useful in giving you a little extra arm length in placing or removing metal parts on presses, cutting tables or CNC machines.

Industrial Magnetics Magnetic Grip Stick Parts RetrieversThe GripStick's cushioned grip and magnet are reversible (shown), allowing you to configure the magnetic retriever's angle to best suit your application and comes in either ceramic or rare earth magnet configurations.

  • Retrieve hot parts
  • Keep hands out of press
  • Reduce employee injury
Part No. Magnet Ln. (in) Wd.(in) Ht.(in) Lift(lbs) Weight (lbs) Price, USD Buy Now
IMPL2100 Ceramic 14 1-3/8 7/8 12.5 .65 lbs $67.76 Add to cart
IMPL2104 Rare Earth 14 1-3/8 7/8 43.5 .65 lbs $98.56 Add to cart

Mag-Maid Metal Retriever

Industrial Magnetics Mag-Maid clean-up toolThe Mag-Maid allows you to safely clean up sharp metal chips, cuts or shavings, separate small parts after rumbling or remove unwanted steel scrap from non-ferrous surfaces, while protecting your hands from injury!

The powerful Rare-Earth magnetic retriever can quickly retrieve and hold a sizable amount of steel parts or fasteners, while moving them from one location to another. To Clean; simply pull the plunger handle to the top of the tube and the collected metal falls off. Adjustable dump guard maximizes pick up area and provides a clean dump.

Part No. Ln. (in) Dia. (in) Weight (lbs) Price, USD Buy Now Buy Now
MM1500EZ 15 1 1.25 lbs $75.39   Add to cart  Add to cart
MM3600EZ 36 1 2.75 lbs $116.30  Add to cart Add to cart
Parts Retrievers


Industrial Magnetics Magnetic Parts Retriever, 7-1/2"Industrial Magnetics Magnetic Parts Retriever, 33-1/2"Remove steel parts from bins, boxes, kegs, tables or floors.

  • Powerful, light-weight magnet
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • Comfortable non-slip handle
  • Easy release of collected parts or scrap




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Holding Value Part No. Wd. (in) Ln. (in) Ht. (in) Weight (lbs) Price, USD Buy Now
5 PR7100 2-7/16 5 7-1/2 1.6 $68.62 Add to cart
7 PR7200 2-7/16 5 7-1/2 1.7 $103.49 Add to cart
11 PR7400 2-7/16 5 7-1/2 1.8 $132.07 Add to cart
65 PR7800 4-1/2 8-11/16 5-9/16 5.0 $165.00 Please call

LONG Handled Parts Retriever
Holding Value Part No. Wd. (in) Ln. (in) Ht. (in) Weight (lbs) Price, USD Buy Now
5 PR7100-30 2-7/16 5 33-1/2 2.4 $90378   Add to cart
7 PR7200-30 2-7/16 5 33-1/2 2.5 $126.64 Add to cart
11 PR7400-30 2-7/16 5 33-1/2 2.7 $153.75 Add to cart

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