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Thru Coolant ShrinkMILLS   

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A Better Connection Between the Cutting Tool and Spindle ...
  • ShrinkMILL perfects the connection between face mill and arbor with ShrinkFIT technology
  • A reduced face mill I.Dl to ShrinkFIT onto the arbor for the most rigid, powerful and accurate connection in the industry
  • Made of the same H13 tool steel as Techniks regular ShrinkFIT holders so you get the same outstanding performance and insert life.

The Results:

  • Better surface finish
  • Less scrap due to less premature insert failure
  • Increased productivity
Nexus 45 ShrinkMILL (SFM)

Nexus 45 ShrinkMILL (SFM)

Nexus 90 ShrinkMILL (SFM)

Nexus 90 ShrinkMILL (SFM)


Part No. Description Price, USD Buy Now
2421234 45 ShrinkMILL (SFM) Coolant Thru Facemill SFM45-2.00C-.750-4-13 (2"-CT) $234.00   Add to cart
2431235 45 ShrinkMILL (SFM) Coolant Thru Facemill SFM45-3.00C-1.25-6-13 (3"-CT) $345.60  Add to cart
2441236 45 ShrinkMILL (SFM) Coolant Thru Facemill SFM45-4.00C-1.25-7-13 (4"-CT) $403.20  Add to cart
2451237 45 ShrinkMILL (SFM) Coolant Thru Facemill SFM45-5.00C-1.50-8-13 (5"-CT) $518.40  Add to cart
2321234 90 ShrinkMILL (SFM) Coolant Thru Facemill SFM90-2.00C-.750-4-16 (2"-CT) $234.00  Add to cart
2331235 90 ShrinkMILL (SFM) Coolant Thru Facemill SFM90-3.00C-1.25-6-16 (3"-CT) $345.60  Add to cart
2341236 90 ShrinkMILL (SFM) Coolant Thru Facemill SFM90-4.00C-1.25-7-16 (4"-CT) $403.20  Add to cart
2351237 90 ShrinkMILL (SFM) Coolant Thru Facemill SFM90-5.00C-1.50-8-16 5"-CT) $518.40  Add to cart

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