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11º Positive Turning Inserts TPG-542-EN-DC656

11º Positive Turning Inserts TPG-542-EN-DC656
11º Positive Turning Inserts TPG-542-EN; Insert Grade DC656 Quantity of 10 inserts.
SKU TPG-542-EN-DC656
Quantity in stock item(s) available
Market price: $216.10
Our price: $172.88 ($CAD216.10)
Quantity (100 available)
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Quick Change #35 Dovetail Drill Chuck Holder Negative Turning Inserts SNMG-322-EG-DC656 11º Positive Turning Inserts SPG-321-EN-DK10
Dorian Live Center PLCIP-LBNP-5 Basic Lift Magnet Solid Carbide End Mill Standard Length Single End Square Tialn Coated 3 Flutes 13/32" Cutter Dia, Part No. 130-3406"
Test Lead Set AeroCool B 787 Neo-Synthetic 5 Gal. Pail Manual Actuator

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