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Key to Part Number Codes
Example: A 27 006 W

A = finish head
27 = connection diameter
006 = bore size
W = inch size

Features & Benefits

  • Two offset axial tapered locking screws maximize rigidity and allow fast tool changes

  • Accu-Set slide includes graduated dial for fast adjustments in 0.0001" increments

  • Taper design of nose allows more coolant to reach cutting zone for improved chip

Available in 27, 32, & 42mm
connection diameters

Note: All wrenches are included with each boring head. No special tools are needed.

“Accu-Set” dial allows operators to quickly set the finish head to any cutting diameter.

1. Loosen locking screw.

2. Remove any

3. Rotate scale to
required setting.

4. Tighten locking screw.


Accu-Set Micro Heads

Bore Range Inch      
Min Max Part No. Description Buy Now
.315" .787" A 27.006W Micro head - 27mm connection - 6mm shank, inch  Add to cart
.394" .827" A 27.008W Micro head - 27mm connection - 8mm shank, inch  Add to cart
.394" .827" A 32.008W Micro head - 32mm connection - 8mm shank, inch  Add to cart
.512" .984" A 32.010W Micro head - 32mm connection - 10mm shank, inch  Add to cart
.512" 1.142" A 42.010W Micro head - 42mm connection - 10mm shank, inch  Add to cart
.63" 1.339" A 42.012W Micro head - 42mm connection - 12mm shank, inch  Add to cart
.787" 1.496" A 42.016W Micro head - 42mm connection - 16mm shank, inch   Add to cart

Many more models are available.  Contact Industry Depot with your specific requirements!    

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