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INDOOR AIR QUALITY INSTRUMENTATION Industry Depot knows Air Quality Instrumentation

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Indoor Air Quality Begins with Monitoring Exposure to Pollutants

Reducing airborne contaminants, gases and particulates is a prime business concern and .... 

Monitoring human exposure to pollutants is the first step to

  • improve indoor air quality,
  • reducing personal risks
  • production interruptions and
  • legal and financial liabilities.

Kanomax  indoor air quality monitors are essential for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) ...

  • Investigations, 
  • HVAC testing, 
  • industrial hygiene,
  • filter face air velocity measurement,
  • facility certification and 
  • clean room studies.  


General IAQ investigations to improve air comfort in the home or office involves the measure of supply and return airflow, ambient temperature and humidity and the CO2 level to determine the ventilation rate.  Investigations are simplified with handheld IAQ anemometers.  

Air Quality Testing in Occupational Areas find toxic gases or substances which cause the sick building syndrome and specify toxic substances. Testing HVAC systems in buildings, work areas, pharmaceutical and food processing operations is a key to determining the effectiveness of ventilation and developing corrective action plans.  IAQ Testing instruments include handheld air quality meters and handheld gas monitors

Toxic substances Sources
Carbon Dioxide Combustion products, human respiration
Carbon Monoxide Tobacco smoke, furnaces, boilers
VOCs Paint, building fabrics, cleaning compounds, etc.
Ozone Copy machine, smog, etc.
Inorganic Gases: includes ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide Microfilm equipment, window cleaners, acid drain cleaners, etc.

For in-depth analysis of indoor air quality, use Kanomax table-top instruments with multiple gas sensors, analytic technology, temperature and humidity sensors, particulate monitors, rapid real-time data sampling, sample averaging, RS 232 and USB connections and PC data logging. Consider table-top anemometers and table-top indoor air quality monitors for in-depth analysis.

IAQ Standards are established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and  the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as summarized here.







Model K6813 Anemomaster Vane type anemometer with high accuracy from 40 to 7800 rpm.






Model K2211 Handheld Indoor Air Quality Meter







Indoor Air Quality Monitor IQM 60

Dust Monitors for Indoor Air Quality 

Reducing dust hazards to human lungs and airways a major health and safety concern and Kanomax  dust monitors uniquely measure dust concentrations

Dust hazards to human health depend on exposure levels to the respiratory tract, lung airways and  when deposited in the gas exchange regions of the lungs. Light Scattering Dust Monitors and  Piezobalance Dust Monitors measure dust concentration for comparison with National Ambient Air Quality Standards and  exposure limits. 


National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Dust Respiratory 
  • Particle Size
  • Levels
  • Exposure Limits



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