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Industry Depot knows Air Quality Instrumentation

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Indoor Air Quality Begins with Monitoring Exposure to Pollutants

Reducing airborne contaminants, gases and particulates is a prime business concern and .... 

Monitoring human exposure to pollutants is the first step to

  • improve indoor air quality,
  • reducing personal risks
  • production interruptions and
  • legal and financial liabilities.

Kanomax  indoor air quality monitors are essential for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) ...

  • Investigations, 
  • HVAC testing, 
  • industrial hygiene,
  • filter face air velocity measurement,
  • facility certification and 
  • clean room studies.  

Dust Monitors for Indoor Air Quality 

Reducing dust hazards to human lungs and airways a major health and safety concern and Kanomax  dust monitors uniquely measure dust concentrations

Dust hazards to human health depend on exposure levels to the respiratory tract, lung airways and  when deposited in the gas exchange regions of the lungs.

 Light Scattering Dust Monitors and  Piezobalance Dust Monitors measure dust concentration for comparison with National Ambient Air Quality Standards and  exposure limits. 

Maintain Occupant Comfort and Productivity

With Handheld Anemomaster Series Anemometers

Kanomax Anemomaster Professional 6036 &  Standard 6035 Anemomaster Series AnometersAnemomaster LITE 6006 Palm Size AnemometerModel K6813 Anemomaster Vane type anemometer with high accuracy from 40 to 7800 rpm.






   High accuracy hot-wire articulating probe and rotating vane type air flow and temperature measurements to 7,800 fpm (40m/s) and to 212F (100C).  Multi-function air velocity, temperature, relative humidity and airflow rates.

Anemomaster Model 6036 Series features a single probe capable of USB Cable and RS232 for up to 1500 records, carrying case operation manual, AA batteries, AC Adapter, Communication cable, data processing software and NIST certificate..

Anemomaster Model 6035 Series features a broad measurement range, detachable probe for zero downtime calibration or replacement, temperature compensation circuit for high accuracy, display readings in both metric and imperial units, Telescoping probe, RX232C digital interface but no storage capacity.

Anemomaster Model 6812 features High Accuracy: +/- 1.0 % of reading, 40 fpm of Air Velocity sensitivity, Store up to 10 duct sizes, Analog voltage and PC Communication output option.

Anemomaster Model A531 Series Multi-Function Thermal Anomemeter features a Probe Compatibility feature that allows you to have spare probe, the world's most accurate handheld hot-wire anemometer in its class, a Robust design, a Detachable probe, an Automatic Flow Rate Calculation function, RS232C terminal for data logging.  It stores up to 1500 measurement data.  Differential Pressure available as an option.

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 More anemometers

High Velocity Anemomaster 6113 & 6114 Anemometers

Model 6113 and 6114 High Velocity, Multi-Function Hot-Wire AnemometerSimultaneous measurements of air velocity, air temperature and differential pressure with large, easy to read LCD display.  Velocities to 9,840 fpm (50 m/s)


High velocity anemometer information

High Temperature  Anemomaster 6162 Anemometers

Model 6162 High Temperature AnemometerFeaturing velocity and temperature measurements in 932F (500C) environments with easy probe replacement without recalibration of the main unit.

High temperature Anemometer  information

Multi-Channel Anemomaster Anemometers

Models 1550 (16 module( & 1560 Multi-Channel Anemomasters





Real-time Monitoring System
Air velocity, Temp,  Humidity
Multi-functional Module
Multi-output option  
          Multi-Channel Anemometer information

Airflow Transducers

Model 6332 Airflow Transducer
Model 6312 features a compact design with 2 types of probe
Signal Output.

Model 6332 features 10 types of probes available from 0-5V-20mA output.  Also available with display.


More Airflow Transducer information

Hand-held Air Quality Meters

Model K2211 Handheld Indoor Air Quality MeterThe 6841 is ultralight and palm-size for temperature and humidity measurements.  The 2211 features quick start-up and high accuracy carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide measurements.  


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More indoor air quality meters

Indoor Air Quality Monitors

The IQM 60 Indoor Air Quality Monitor enables simultaneous monitoring of the most common parameters for indoor air quality including CO2, CO, VOC, NO2, O3 plus temperature, humidity and respirable particulates.Indoor Air Quality Monitor IQM 60

More IQM 60 information





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Dust Monitors

Model 3443 Digital Dust MonitorModel 3521 Piezobalance Dust MonitorThe Kanomax Dust Monitor 3443 is a compact and high quality instrument ensures highly accurate dust measurements via a user-friendly & intuitive interface.

The Piezobalance Dust Monitor Model 3521 is a unique respirable aerosol monitor, providing direct mass concentration of particulates using Piezobalance technology.

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Handheld  Condensation Particle Counter

Model 3800 Kanomax Handheld Condensation Particle CounterThe Model 3800 is a handheld condensation particle counter that detects ultrafine particles in many applications. With this advanced technology, users can implement nano-sized particle research in occupation and working areas. 


More Handheld Condensation Particle Counter information

Laser Particle Counters

Kanomax Model 3887 Handheld Laser Particle CounterKanomax Moddel 3886 Handheld Laser Particle CounterThe 3886 & 3887 model are ideal for Cleanroom Verification and Monitoring, Clean Bench Verification, IAQ Investigation, Food Process Investigation, Hospital Surgical Room and Filter Testing


Click images for more information and pricing.

Click for Indoor Air Quality Basics 

Portable Laser Airborne Particle Counter Model 3910

Kanomax Model 3900 Portable Laser Particle CounterIntended for Cleanroom and Clean Bench verification, Filter Testing, Facility Certification, Food Process Investigation and Hospital Surgical Room.

Features simultaneous measurements of 6 particle sizes, 28.3 L/min (1.0 cfm) Flow Rate, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance: password authentication and management, secure data, and audit trails, with PC software for Remote control, Real-time with all Stainless body.

Click image for more information and pricing.

Cleanroom Monitoring System

Kanomax Model 3714 Cleanroom Monitoring SystemWhether for semi-conductors or HDD industries, bio-tech or pharmaceutical markets, Kanomax is one of the very few precision measurement manufacturers capable of serving their monitoring or measurement needs.

Cleanroom applications include Monitoring, Facility certification, Trend analysis (continuous and spot) and Process control analysis.

Cleanroom Contamination Control Instrumentation Information

Handheld Gas Monitors

Providing high level of functionality and monitoring capability, the Gas Monitor 2710 can be used portably or fixed in position or 2750 with datalogger. The monitor is compatible with the wide range of toxic gas sensors.

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More handheld gas monitor information.

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