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User tested PUISI DEF dispensing systems and components for 
  • reliable & economic fluid transfer,
  • consistent refilling,
  • with non-contaminating inert component materials
  • to DEF (ISO 22241-3)

Stricter EPA diesel exhaust emission standards were mandated in January 2010.  PIUSI has developed a line of reliable products manufactured with materials suitable for handling DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) fluid.

DEF is an organic, non toxic compound composed of 32.5% urea and 67.5% DI water. In a Selective Catalytic Converter System (SCR), diesel exhaust fluid is added to the diesel exhaust in the presence of a catalyst to convert smog producing nitrogen oxide into harmless nitrogen and water vapor. The treated exhaust will meet the strict EPA emission standards for new diesel vehicles as mandated on January 1, 2010. To comply with these regulations, diesel trucks have on-board DEF 16 to 30 gallon storage tanks.

PUISI DEF dispensing systems are essential to reliable, economic, non-contaminating handling and transferring of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) to on-board truck storage tanks.


PUISI DEF Suzzara Blue Pro Tote System PUISI DEF dispensing systems easy Management & Dispensing

The SUZZARA BLUE PRO features a K24 flow meter and automatic nozzle.

The SUZZARA BLUE BASIC has a manual nozzle and no K24 meter.

PIUSI DEF Tote Dispensing System information

IPA DEF Tote Dispensing System information






PIUSI DEF Suzzara Blue Troll Drum SystemFeaturing a base for easy transfer, the Drum System includes a stainless steel base for the drum, pump, manual nozzle, 20 ft delivery hose and 1.5 ft of suction hose.

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DEF Mini Bulk Tanks

Piusi Mini Bulk TankWith a tank partner network conveniently located throughout the US, Piusi facilitates nearby shipping points saving you money on expensive freight rates.

  These DEF Mini Bulk tanks are specifically customized with a poly-welded bracket to hang our Three25 and SuzzaraBlue pump kits with ease. This ideal package is designed to simplify installation and reduce costs.




More DEF Mini Bulk Tank Information





PIUSI DEF system rotating and piston hand pumpsEach drum DEF drum system delivery system a rotating or piston type hand pump that is easy to install and remove from the drum.  Dispensing is done through the connected spout.

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PIUSI DEF dispenser nozzle

Both the metered and automatic nozzles are liquid compatible with DEF DIN 70070. have a viscosity range from 1 to 6 cSt.

More DEF Nozzle information















PUISI DEF AC Pump MotorPIUSI AC and DC seal free pumps for every system feature a seal free design for dependable low maintenance operation.

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PIUSI DEF Hose ReelHose reel specifically made for DEF use.  Designed to limit pressure loss and facilitate use even for high flow rate DEF refueling systems.

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PIUSI K24 Flow MeterEasily installed in-line, at the end of a delivery hose or on the nozzle, the K24 meter features a readily readable digital display.

Optional pulser display is available to connect to an external receiver.

More DEF K24 Meter information







PIUSI MC Box Control SystemThe MC Box can be connected to the delivery system pump and meter to control and monitor the DEF system for private use.  The MC system consists of a multi-user panel, software and accessories to connect a PC.


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