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Your source for quality die cast products at competitive prices from China

Industry Depot is the source for MECO die castings in North America

die casting for automotive parts

die casting partsdie casting parts Aluminum die castings for automotive applications

Aluminum    Zinc   Copper   Magnesium  Die Castings          ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Take advantage of the low labour and manufacturing costs in China.  Meco can help reduce both product development and final product cost to improve help you compete in your market.

Quality control is built into every step of the Meco manufacturing process from raw material to the finished product.


One time tooling charge includes Maintenance, Repairs and Replacement

Meco specializes in low to mid-volume aluminum and zinc die castings. Our die casting production encompasses state of the art technology, offering customers unparalleled process control, quality, precision, efficiency and cost reductions.

  • Die casting machine cells: 25 Metric Tons to 1,200 Metric Tons

  • Part Weight:  0.5 oz. to 30 lbs

Frequently used Aluminum alloys:

  • ANSI: A360, A380, A383

  • BS: LM1, LM2, LM9, LM20

  • DIN:G-AlSi12, G-AlSi10Mg, G-AlSi12

  • JIS: ADC12

Die casting machines to 1200 metric tons  

Die casting machine to 1200 metric tons                                            Spectrometer 

Tool Design and Build

  • Flow Simulation 

  • Global Die Cast Die Build Standards

  • Perpetual Tool Replacement Programs

  • In House Tool Maintenance

  • Tooling for “Life of Program”

Raw Material and In-Process control

  • In-house spectrometer verifies metal chemistry and is tracked by heat

  • In-process dimensional verification using CMM and Optical Measuring Device 

  • Die-cast process parameters monitoring

  • Mechanical property test

  • Salt spray test

  • Leakage test

Powder coating line CNC Machine Shop

Secondary Processes

  • Multi-Axis CNC Machining, Dedicated Multi-Spindle Drilling, Tapping and Milling, Machine Fixture Design

Surface Finishing

Powder coating, Plating, Chromating, Turnblasting, Vibratory deburring, Belt sanding, Manual grinding

Call 888-849-8034 or e-mail for a no obligation quotation!

About MECO

Call 888-849-8034 or e-mail for a no obligation quotation!

Industry Depot is the source for MECO die castings in North America





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