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     Metalworking Fluids Keep Machines Running Longer, Cleaner, Better

Precision Fluids’ metalworking fluids, industrial products and expert services ensure clients of fast, dependable responses to their unique machining and metalworking processes. Throughout the oil & gas, nuclear energy, aerospace, automotive, medical and general manufacturing industries our metalworking fluids are used across a broad range of applications

The product offering has been expanded to include drawing and stamping fluids, industrial cleaners, rust preventatives and aerosols.

Most fluids are available in 55 gallon drums and 5 or 6 gallon pails while some are available in 330 gallon totes, by the case and as aerosols.  Fluid handling equipment and skimmers are also available.  Or call toll-free to discuss your special requirements at 888-849-8034.

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Metal Removal Fluids

Precision Fluids metalworking or cutting and grinding fluids cover a wide range of advantages depending on your application.

  • Neo-Synthetics:  Sulfonate free, non-chlorinated, phenol free and nitrile formulations available. 
  • Synthetics: Synthetic cutting fluids with no or low foam, no cobalt leaching formulations for long fluid life for specific machining applications.
  • Soluble Oils: For heavy duty operations with excellent lubricity and best in class bio-resistance for soluble oils.
  • Straight Oils: Various medium and heavy duty cutting formulations. Special formulations for deep hole drilling, gun drilling, honing and machining and grinding of most materials.
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Metal Forming Fluids

Precision Fluids’ offerings for Metal Forming Fluids can handle light duty or the most severe processes. Generally referred to as Drawing and Stamping or Hydroforming fluids, Precision Fluids’ Metal Forming Fluids provide lubrication and cooling in metal bending, stretching and shaping operations.

These fluids are primarily used when metal is being shaped or formed, not generally where metal is being removed.

  • Hydroforming: Heavy duty, low drip formulations to be used as a lubricant on the outside of tubes to be hydroformed.  Forumlations are also available for central delivery systems and can be non- chlorinated and non-pigmented.  Dry film lubricants and clear viscous gels are also available.
  • Drawing & Stamping: Heavy duty soluble oil with excellent lubricity and best in class bio-resistance for soluble oils.
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Broad Cleaner Applications

Precision Fluids’ full line of aqueous, semi-aqueous and solvent-based cleaner compounds was developed for a broad range of applications including machine sumps, water based degreasers, machine and sump cleaners, floor and hard surface cleaners and pumice based hand cleaners.

Corrosion Preventatives

Precision Fluids Corrosion Preventatives offer maximum protection against rust and corrosion that can result in failing equipment, increased power consumption and unsalable parts.  

  • Corrosion & Rust Preventatives: Formulations for indoor and outdoor protection for various time periods up to 2 years.  Protective films suitable to most metals.  Also grease-like formulations with up to 5 year indoor and outdoor protection are available.
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Lubricants Improving Performance, Lowering Overall Costs

Precision Fluids’ Lubricants offers a range of  viscosity grades to offer you the right choice for your application. We engineer each of our lubricants and greases to keep your machinery operating in at peak levels, providing essential benefits:

  • Maximum reliability and performance — even in the most extreme operating conditions.
  • Cost-effective lubrication that reduces waste — longer grease life and extended re-lubrication intervals
  • Enhanced productivity — delivered by our products, backed by our service and support

Check out our selection of Lubricants:

  • Hydraulic Oils: Anti-wear hydraulic oils fortified with pressure resisting additives including oils with 6,000 RBOT results and some 20,000 hour grades.
  • Gear Oils: Extreme pressure fortified gear oils specifically for enclosed gears, drives, bearings, chains and slides.
  • R & O Oils: High quality rust and oxidation oils for circulating systems (turbines, pumps, machine tools and gear drives) requiring non-EP lubricant.
  • Way Lubricants: For slideway, bearing and gear lubrication. Sulfur free anwater whiteformulations available.
  • Greases: Formulated for extreme pressures, high temperatures and multi-purposes to suit your applications.
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International Specialty Engineered Lubricants (isel) is a leading independent manufacturer of specialty lubricants. We formulate, blend and package lubricants for ...

    Air Compressor  Lubricant

  NXT Refrigeration Lubricants

   CALDERA Heat Transfer Fluids

   Custom Lubricants


Accessories to compliment your industrial fluid requirements including refractometers, mixers and skimmers.





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