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Get the Accurate Test Results You Need with 

Metrology & Material Testing Instruments

  • The leading North American Hardness Tester, Roughness Gauge, Thickness Gauge, Borescope and Force Gauge brand.

  • Most instruments are backed with a 5 Year Warranty and Free Lifetime Technical Support.

Phase II Portable Hardness Tester        

Ultrasonic Non-destructive Hardness Testers for thin, soft and hard material testing of  large and small parts featuring a wide choice of essential features and options including memory, USB output, built-in printers, DL impact devices.

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Bench Hardness Testers 

Bench style hardness testers with direct analog dial or digital motorized readings, designed for sensitive and accurate readings that are perfect for laboratories, workshops, tool rooms and inspection labs.  Available for your choice of  Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell scales.   

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For testing the hardness of soft and hard rubbers and plastics in Shore A and Shore D readings.                   

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Thickness GaugesPhase II Ultrasonic Thickness Tester Model UTG-2650

Phase II brand Ultrasonic and Integrated coating thickness gauges for automotive and manufacturing industries with automatic  substrate detection. Within seconds car dealers, body shops, insurance inspectors/appraisers, and others can precisely measure paint thickness.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges   Coating Thickness Gauges      




Metrology Instruments

Phase II+ 2" Big Face Dial Indicator Model 900-090Phase II+ Super Pull Magnetic BaseMeasuring Blocks, Parallel Sets, Protractors, Straight Edges  & Gage Sets, Calipers; Dial and Digital, Bore Gages, Granite Comparator Stands, Indicators, Dial Indicators, Height 






Gages & Levels, Magnetic Bases & Holders, Micrometers, Optical Comparators

Phase II+ Dial Caliper Models 920-216, 920-218, 920-212

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Digital Vibration Meters

Multi-fucntional vibration metes to measure Velocity, Acceleration, Displacement, and RPM. Full frequency ranges are utilized for broad detection abilities.

Feature laden Vibration Meters doesn’t provide statistics, inch/metric conversion, hold function, and more!

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Surface Roughness Testers 

Phase II portable, hand held, surface roughness testers are not only economical, but are digital and easy to use. These surface roughness testers are a given necessity for any shop floor that receives work with Ra requirements.

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Analog Force Gauges

Phase II analog force gauges are designed and engineered to achieve WORLD-CLASS tension/compression measurements. Heavy duty construction allows the force gauges to undergo rough handling in any environment, while providing for extremely sensitive and highly accurate readings.

Analog Force Gauges  





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