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Collet Chucks

Techniks CAT50 end mill holder

Techniks tool holders are rated the best on the market. 

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BT Collet & Nut Tool Holders

CAT Collet & Nut Tool Holders  

Collet Chuck Accessories

  HSK Tool Holders

Dual Drive Tool Holders

BT ER CoolFLEX Collet Chucks                

CAT CoolFLEX Collet Chucks               

Collet Nuts             

Tool Presetters & Tightening Fixtures

Shank Extensions  

Parlec Micron Milling High Precision Milling Chucks

End Mill Holders

Techniks collet chuck holderAll Techniks CAT 40 & CAT50 end mill toolholders are production balanced to G6.3 @ 10,000 RPM.  Click for ...

CAT40 End Mill Holders

CAT50 End Mill Holders

CAT40 Coolant-Thru End Mill Holders

CAT50 Coolant-Thru End Mill Holders

DualDriveCAT & BT  End Mill Holders

DualDRIVE CAT & BT Shell Mill Arbors

BT End Mill Holders

Tooling Packages


SlimFIT Toolholders 

SlimFIT Toolholders

SlimFIT Toolholders & Collets for ...

Precision Machining in Tight Areas at Extended Lengths

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SlimFIT CAT40, CAT50, BT30, BT4 & HSK Toolholders





Hydraulic Toolholders

Techniks Hydraulic CAT 40 & CAT50 ToolholderExtended tool life and improved surface finish even with extended length models!  Click for ....

Hydraulic Tool holder overview

CAT40, CAT50 Hydraulic Holders

CAT40 Extended Length Hydraulic Holders

BT30, BT40 Hydraulic Holders

HSK63A, HSK100A Hydraulic Holders

HSK63F Hydraulic Holders and Reduction Sleeve


Tooling Packages

Techniks Tool Pack SpecialsTechniks tooling packages will help you score big savings with BT and CAT tooling!

BT 40 Tooling Package Sets

CAT 40 Tooling Package Sets

CAT 50 Tooling Package Sets

CAT 40 & CAT 50 12 Packs   Boring Tooling Sets  

ShrinkMill Special

"Chatter-Free" Deep Boring Bars

NEW!  "Chatter-Free" Deep Boring even with interrupted cuts.  Each tool contains a passive damping device that is dynamically tuned to suppress  bar vibration.  

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  Chatter Free Solutions Chatter Free Boring Bars

Dorian Chatter Free Boring Bars

Pinzbohr High Precision Boring Heads & Boring Bars

Techniks roughing boring headRough Head with Speed-Set Adjustment shown.  Click for ...        

Pinzbohr Catalog


Pinzbohr Toolholders

Finish heads      

Rough heads

Micro heads      

  Boring bars

Boring Tooling Kits


Shrink Fit Toolholders

Nexus ShrinkMILL face mill

Shrink Fit toolholders assure maximum rigidity and accuracy to provide extended cutting tool life.  Click for ...



BT Shrink-fit Tool Holders   

DualDrive CAT 40 Shrink Fit Holders

CAT 40 Shrink-fit Tool Holders

CAT 50 Shrink-fit Tool Holders

CAT 40 CoolBLAST / CoolFLEX DIN B Shrink-fit Tool Holders   

Nexus Shrink Mill information

Nexus Indexable End Mill Information

Shrink Fit Tooling

Techniks Shrink Fit MachineBT Shrink-fit Tool Holders   

DualDrive CAT 40 Shrink Fit Holders

CAT 40 Shrink-fit Tool Holders

CAT 50 Shrink-fit Tool Holders

CAT 40 CoolBLAST / CoolFLEX DIN B Shrink-fit Tool Holders

Shrink-fit Equipment

Free Toolholders with new Shrink-fit Equipmen   

 Shrink-Fit Benefits  

Slim Line Holders  

Slim Fit BT-30 & BT-40 Toolholders

ShrinkMill Special

Tap Holders & Tap Collets

Tired of Breaking Taps?

Techniks Tension-Compression tap holder automatically compensate for machine feed rates to improve results.  Click for ...

Tension / Compression Tap Holders

Rigid Tap Holders

Tap Collets

Drill Chucks

Techniks Drill ChuckBT, CAT, HP3, Heavy Duty & Type H Jacobs Taper Drill Chucks.  Click for ...

BT & CAT Toolholders for Jacobs Drill Chucks

Precision Drill Chucks   

SPU Drill Chucks

Heavy Duty Drill Chucks

Techniks Face Mill Arbors

  • Face Mill Arbors compatible with all face mills

  • DualDRIVE Face Mill Arbors Certified for dual-contact spindles

Click for:

 Face Mill Arbors

DualDRIVE Face Mill Arbors


Techniks Certified Capto-Compatible ToolholdersTechniks CAPTO-COMPATABLE ShrinkFIT HOLDER

Toolholders compatible with the Capto Toolholding System

Click for ...ER Collet Chucks, Endmill Holders, Facemill Arbors, SlimFIT Toolholders, ShrinkFIT toolholders & Turning Tools


Pneumatic & Hydraulic Tapping MachinesFlexArm S-36 & M-60 Pneumatic Tapping Machines


Slash CNC Tapping Costs with FlexArm Pneumatic Tapping Machines.  Pneumatic for up to 7/8" and Hydraulic for up to 2" tapping capacity.

Click for ...

More Pneumatic Tapping Machine  information

More Hydraulic Tapping Machine  information


Light Duty Assemblers

Vertical Light Duty Assemblers to 30 Ft Lbs.

High Torque, High Efficiency, Easy Assembly for Nut Running, Tool Balancing, Stud Welders, Screw Driving, Helicoil Insertion & More.  Click for ...

More information




Part Manipulators

FlexArm  Part Manipulator operates in tight spaces to position parts, load and unload tools, or hold workpieces. It has the capacity to lift up to 200 lbs, yet is compact enough to work where a traditional overhead system won't.

More Part Manipulator Information




CNC Drilling Machines

FlexDrill CNC Drilling Machine

FlexDrill TRD & GFD Vertical Machining Center ranges in size from 10' to 80' long and we can design and build custom machines to suit your needs.  The FlexDrill drills, mills, taps, and chamfers large parts in one setup

Click for ...More FLEXCNC Machine  information


Die Grinding Arms

FlexArm Diie Grinding Arm


A FlexArm Die Grinding system will save hours compared to doing die repairs by hand.   Click for ...

More information



Lathe Tool Posts & Tool HoldersDorian Victory Tool Post

Tool Posts    

Tool Post Sets    

Tool Holders  



Toolholders & Boring Bars (Standard & Thru Coolant)

Toolholders, Boring Bars and all the components that go with them.  Also available are interchangeable boring bar heads and bars without heads. Plus Dorian Jet-Stream Thru Coolant cutting tool system.  Click for ....                  

RMC Toolholders   RMC Boring Bars  Knurling Tools


Universal Adjustable and Right Angle CNC Milling Heads

Universal CNC Milling Head Model PLCNC-AAH25Boost CNC Machining Productivity with Dorian CNC Adjustable 90° Angle and Right Angle Milling, Drilling & Tapping Heads.  Click for ...

Universal Adjustable 90 degree Angle Heads

Universal Adjustable 90 degree Taper Angle Heads 

Universal Adjustable 90 degree ER25 Angle Heads

All Adjustable 90 degree Angle Heads   

OMG Angle Heads    


Precision Collets

Techniks Precision Collets and Collet SetsCollets with a clamping range is .039" for ER 16, 20, 25, 32, and 40.  Compatible with DR, RD, ESX, AR, & BR Series Collets.  Click for ....       

ER Collet System  Collet Sets  Steel Sealed Coolant Collets

Floating Tap Collets   Quick Change Tap Collets

Retension Knobs

Techniks Pull Studs or Retention KnobsBT Retention Knobs & Coolant Thru Retention Knobs with all mating surfaces precision ground.  Click for ....       

BT Retention Knobs

CAT Retention Knobs

DIN Retention Knobs

Tightening Fixtures



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