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For faster set-ups and safer work-handling

    EZ-Lift Magnets PowerLift Magnets VersaLift Magnets  CreativeLift Magnets FX ON/OFF Lifting Magnets Magnetic Automation Handling Catalog    

More Lifting Magnet information




Lifting Magnet Accessories

For faster and safer material handling of large, irregular loads and plates to 13,500 lbs, spreader bars can increase your lifting power by adding more magnets. 

  More Spreader Bar and Vertical Lifter information


Magnetic Automation Workholding

Transporter Low Profile Magnets for Robotic Workhandling to replace vacuum cups, combination  magnetic-vacuum end-of-arm tooling, Permatrol Magnets, Pneumatic-Magnetic Lifters                   

More Magnetic Automation Workholding information




Electromagnetic Chucks

Secure, controller regulated electromagnetic workholding for all parts, thick or thin for any grinding, machining and EDM operation featuring low-profile designs that are EDM-Ready fully submersible brass sealed.                      

More electromagnetic chuck information

Electromagnetic Chuck Accessories

Surface Grinding Controllers, Induction Blocks, Demagnetizers and other accessories for Electromagnetic Chucks.

Chuck work with any electromagnetic chucks whether grinding, machining or for EDM operations featuring demagnetizing in 6 to 15 seconds depending on the application.                  

More chuck controller information





MagVISE Magnetic Chucks

For for Vertical & Horizontal Machining, Turning & Grinding Index Tables and Injection Molds for faster workpiece loading/unloading and custom set-ups, 

No power is required, 5 sides free for machining and machinable soft jaws.  Custom Workholding without the "custom" cost!             

Electro-Permanent Chucks    Modular Chucks     Horizontal Machining Chucks     Vertical Turning Chucks       Round Chucks   Index Tables Injection Mold Magnets   MagVISE Permanent Magnetic Vises      Magnetic Induction Blocks

Magnetic Chucks

Permanent magnetic chucks for both heavy and light grinding

Can be used in liquid for EDM applications with strong magnetic attraction of 150 lbs./square inch. 

More chuck information

Magnetic V-Blocks

For securing work in various shapes for light-cutting operations such as grinding, boring, tapping, etc.  Powerful magnetic force on all work surfaces, upper face and V-shaper faces and base. 

More magnetic v-block information


Hold Any Workpiece and Boost CNC Production with MITEE-BITE workholding clamps

For all conceivable configurations featuring low profiles, cam action, knife edges, machinable, wedge vise clamps and more.   

More workholding clamp information


Vacuum Chucks

Swap Pallets in 30 seconds or less!

MITEE-BITE All-in-One-Pallet Changer and Vacuum Chuck System maximizes productivity by loading pallets while machining.  Easy to install, precise repeatability.  Requires no pumps, only standard shop air. 

More vacuum chuck  information





Clamp, Preset and EDM Drill, Wire WEDM or EDM a Workpiece and Boost Production with the F-Tool tooling system




Click for more EDM Tooling System Information



KANT-TWIST Standard T- Handle

  • Will not "walk-off-center"
  • Eliminates distorting AND TWISTING ACTION OF c-clamps
  • Cantilever design provides 4:1 clamp force ratio
  • Three different gripping surfaces
  • Built-in "V" block for round stock
  • Free floating jaws adjust to uneven surfaces
  • Copper plated jaws, screw and handle are ideal for welding
  • Much lighter than C-Clamps so great where weight is a factor
  • Deep throat provides farther reach onto material
  • Stainless Steel clamps are ideal for use in corrosive, sanitary or magnetic applications.

Click for KANT-TWIST Clamps

Magnetic Parts Retrievers & Parts Handlers

  • Industrial Magnetics Magnetic Sheet Handler Safely and Productively hold and retrieve ferrous parts without electricity              

  • Clean-up work areas and gather-up fasteners and small parts quickly

More magnetic retriver and parts handlers information

Sheet separators

FlexArm Part Manipulators

A FlexArm Part Manipulator/Lift Assist system takes care of lifting and moving materials where traditional cranes or overhead lifts will not work. The part manipulator can lift heavy materials as well as load and unload tools and parts. It is also available in a variety of weight range capacities and reach requirements. FlexArm Part Manipulators  

More FlexArm Part Manipulator  information


Flexible Magnetic Strips

Flexible Magnets are great for signage and labeling steel shelves, drawers, file cabinets, magnetic white boards, doors, trays, machinery, etc.

More flexible magnetic strip information


Amazing Flex-Attach™ Magnet Material

-Up to five times that of a conventional magnet, Unmatched thin metal holding force, 2X to 8X more shear strength.

+Self-Centering & Self-Aligning Magnets

More Flex-Attach™ Magnet  information

More Self-Centering & Self-Aligning  Magnet  information


Laser Marking & Etching Plate Systems

Loc-N-Load™ Laser Marking Fixture Plate SystemsIncrease Laser Marking & Etching Productivity with new Laser Arsenal™ standard fixture plates and workholding clamps for laser etching/marking, laser welding and other marking processes - even silk screen.

More information




CMM Quality Control Fixture Plate Inspection Systems

Loc-N-Load™Process parts through inspection faster than ever with modular Inspection Arsenal bundled CMM inspection systems.  

  • Affordable Loc-N-Load rails, plates and clamps
  • Open-Sight Vision fixture systems with black anodized rails and scratch resistant polycarbonate plates
  • In inch or Metric dimensions
  • Simple one-finger operation and quick adjustments let you process parts through inspection faster than ever. 

CMM Workholding Catalog                  Click for CMM Modular Towers


Precision Magnetic Mechanical & Hydraulic Measuring Arms with magnetic bases.

Available in a wide range of sizes. 

More mechanical arm and measurement arm information

Magnetic Separators  Industrial Magnetics Plate Magnets

Purify and protect your process equipment

More Magnetic Separator Information


Industrial Magnetics WS420 Magnetic Square


Features, simple, fast work-holding on multiple side of the MagSquare. Eliminates  tedious clamping. On/Off to hold yet protect workpiece surface.

More magnetic welding square and angle  information


Industrial Magnetics Round and Rectangular ElectromagnetsIndustrial Magnetics rectangular and round electromagnets with on/off capability for automated handling system with a controlled DC electrical current to hold and release ferrous material on command.

More electromagnet product information


Industrial Magnetics Surface Type DemagnetizerMagnetic Accessories for metalworking operations

Magnetic sweepers


Magnetic Induction Blocks    Chip coolant machines     Magnetic deburring machines 




  • A.B. Machinery
  • Chatter Free Tooling Solutions
  • Cool Clean
  • CS Unitec
  • Dorian
  • Earth-Chain
  • Global Fastener Engineering
  • Granzow
  • HTC Cutting Tools
  • ICON Flow Products
  • Innovative Products of America
  • Kanomax
  • Metalax
  • Phase II+
  • Phillips Precision
  • Precision Fluids
  • Reed Instruments
  • RMC Gorman
  • Surebonder
  • Techniks
  • ZIPP
  • and others


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