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  • Turn ER or TG toolholders into milling chucks!

  • Reduce TIR by increasing holding power!

  • Increase tool life by up to 20%

  • Available for 60,000 rpm spindles

  • Coolant style available HERE

This innovative, permanent coating increases clamping pressure up to 75% compared to an uncoated standard ER nut. More holding power reduces the chance of spinning the shank of the tool inside the collet, which can cause premature failure of the collet.

"Power Coat" nuts also have an eccentric ring that holds the collet inside the nut when turned upside down. These nuts are balanced for high-speed operations.

For prices, click item "Add to Cart" icon or call 888-849-8034.
Part No. Description D B Wrench M Max. Torque* Buy Now
41111 ER 11 Coated Nut R11B-Hex 19mm 12mm 04608 M14 x 0.75 20 ft/lbs Add to cart
41116 ER 16 Coated Nut R16B-Hex 32mm 18mm 04609 M22 x 1.5 50 ft/lbs Add to cart
41120 ER 20 Coated Nut R20B-Hex 35mm 19mm 04610 M25 x 1.5 75 ft/lbs Add to cart
41916 ER 16 Coated Nut RU16B 28mm 18mm 04613 M22 x 1.5 50 ft/lbs Add to cart
41920 ER 20 Coated Nut RU20B 32mm 19.5mm 04614 M25 x 1.5 75 ft/lbs Add to cart
41925 ER 25 Coated Nut RU25B 42mm 21mm 04615 M32 x 1.5 95 ft/lbs Add to cart
41932 ER 32 Coated Nut RU32B 50mm 23mm 04616 M40 x 1.5 125 ft/lbs Add to cart
41940 ER 40 Coated Nut RU40B 63mm 26mm 04617 M50 x 1.5 140 ft/lbs Add to cart
41950 ER 50 Coated Nut RU50B 78mm 35mm 04618 M64 x 2.0 160 ft/lbs Add to cart

* Recommended torque is 80-90% of maximum value. Click HERE for torque wrenches.
RU model nuts are balanced to 18,000 RPM.

For prices, click item "Add to Cart" icon or call 888-849-8034.

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