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Diesel & Oil Fuel Transfer Systems for ...
  • Regulation compliant non-commercial fuel dispensing
  • Safe, reliable fuel transfer
  • Non-contaminated fuel transfer in dusty industrial indoor and outdoor environments
  • Eco-friendly drip catching refueling for agricultural and oil-field environments
  • Multi-user control consumption monitoring
  • Mechanical & electronic metering that's easy to install & calibrate on site for low, medium and high viscosity fluids; diesel, lubricating oil & special fluids compatible with construction materials
  • Easy control system interfacing
  • UL approved inline turbine meter for gasoline, diesel & kerosene
  • Remote displays for pulse meter controls with software for meter calibrating
  • Manual & automatic nozzles for oil and diesel fluids
  • Filtration for double filter and triple control to absorb water & impurities & automate filtering time and switch-off in case of filter blockage and
  • Special equipment for direct extraction of used oil from car engines through the dipstick holder

PIUSI K33 Flow Meter for light oil and dieselPIUSI VISCOMAT 200 High Pressure Diesel Transfer PumpPIUSI K400 Oil Dispensing Nozzle

MetersPIUSI K33 Flow Meter for light oil and diesel


Diesel, Light Oil, Oil, Gasoline and Kerosene fluid mechanical and electronic flow meters, fluid pulse meters, UL approved Aluminum meters and remote display panels.

More Dispensing Meter Information



Transfer PumpsPIUSI VISCOMAT 200 High Pressure Diesel Transfer Pump


BYPASS &  BIPUMP Diesel Fuel DC Pumps, AC Diesel Fuel Pumps and VISCOMAT general purpose Diesel and Oil pumps. 

More Transfer Pump Information


Level IndicatorsPIUSI OCIO Liquid Level and management indicator


OCIO liquid level  and management indicators for diesel, oil and water.

More Level Indicator Information


Oil & Lubrication Grease Dispensing Nozzles & MetersPIUSI K400 Oil Dispensing Nozzle

Oil and grease dispensing nozzles with meters to control oil and grease consumption.

More Oil Dispensing  Nozzle & Meter Information

More Grease Dispensing  Nozzle & Meter Information



Hoses, couplings, reducer sockets, hose tails, elbows, extensible tank pipes, foot valves, flanges, O-rings and more.

More Accessory Information



Portable Fuel Transfer Kit

More PiusiBox Information




Portable Diesel Fuel Transfer Kit

More Battery Kit Information



 Mobile fuel transfer system  

More Pitstop Information




NozzlesPIUSI Manual diesel and oil manual and automatic filling nozzle


Diesel and oil manual and automatic filling nozzles.


More Manual & Automatic Nozzle Information


Dispensing Monitoring SystemsPIUSI Cube 56 diesel management dispensing system

CUBE diesel dispensing units, MC BOX diesel and oil fluid management units and SELFSERVICE DESK diesel fluid management software.  

More Dispensing Monitoring System Information


FILTROLL Diesel Filtering Unit

Portable diesel fuel filtering unit


More FILTROLL Information


FiltersPIUSI Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters for oil, water & biofuel and Clear Captor transparent containers with removable inner cartridges.


More Filter Information



CAMBIAOLIO Electric Oil Changer

Portable used engine oil extraction unit.



More CAMBIALIO Information



IPA Diesel Fuel Transfer SystemsInnovative products of America  DTP20C Industrial Fuel Cleaner & Transfer System

Battery powered mobile platform with built in meters and filtration for general fuel transfer and filtration needs.

More Diesel Fuel Transfer information




IPA Mobile Fleet Tank SweeperInnovative Produsts of America Mobile Fleet Tank Sweeper® (120V AC)

Transfer and filter diesel, kerosene and bio blend fuels. 

More Mobile Tank Sweeper information






IPA Fuel Tank SweeperInnovative Producs of America 9040PN Fuel Tank Sweeper

Transfer and Filter diesel, kerosene, bio-fuels, oils and more with this high quality mobile filtration system.

More Tank Sweeper information





IPA #9080 Diesel-Fuel Injection Cleaner and Primer
Cleans, Primes and Troubleshoots Diesel Injection Systems

More Fuel Injector Cleaner information





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  • Chatter Free Tooling Solutions
  • Cool Clean
  • CS Unitec
  • Dorian
  • Earth-Chain
  • Global Fastener Engineering
  • Granzow
  • HTC Cutting Tools
  • ICON Flow Products
  • Innovative Products of America
  • Kanomax
  • Metalax
  • Phase II+
  • Phillips Precision
  • Precision Fluids
  • Reed Instruments
  • RMC Gorman
  • Surebonder
  • Techniks
  • ZIPP
  • and others


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