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Sell Your Stuff, Earn Cash, Reduce Inventory!

Sell your surplus and used materials and equipment directly from your manufacturing plant or distribution center FAST!

Let us help sell your surplus and used industrial items across North America. We can arrange drop-shipments directly from your shop or distribution center to buyers by UPS, FedEx or LTL for heavier shipments.

Listing your stuff  is free.  We promote your sale. We arrange the sale. We get the payments and pay you immediately.  All this for a nominal sales commission, typically 15% plus freight.  

No risk to you! 

You don't pay a cent until you sell!

Get the benefit of Industry Depot web site (www.industrydepot.com) online marketing, our wide coverage market coverage and our repeat customer base.  

To get started ...

  • Describe what you're selling with a few keywords and pictures

  • Set your price, including shipping and the sales fee 

  • List your stuff online by completing the Contact Us form and email your images 

Here are a few tips to make selling on Industry Depot's Marketplace easy and profitable;

  1. Prepare a description of the items to be sold.  If you have web copy, just direct us to it and we can use text and images.  If not, a brief paragraph and photos will do.  It'll help if you can supply a list of effective keywords.  

  2. If you have a trade mark or trade name, we will include it in your ad copy help it sell.

  3. Price your items to sell.  Whether regular production items, over-runs, surplus machinery or equipment, price realistically and include shipping charges and our 15% handling fee.  

  4. Shipping charges for larger items can be more difficult to estimate depending on the destination.  We suggest that you ask prospects to contact Industry Depot to confirm shipping costs and these will be added to the price.  The seller pays the shipping but we will reimburse shipping cost from sale proceeds.  Expedited and international shipping and brokerage can also be arranged but we restrict shipping to U.S. and Canadian locations.  For orders outside the U.S. and Canada, we require that the purchaser arranges and pays for shipping, brokerage, duties and taxes directly to the forwarding company and arranges a pick-up at the supplier's plant or distribution center. 

  5. When your description and pricing info is received, your advertisement will be prepared

  6. A draft advertisement will be emailed to you for acceptance and/or revisions for you to email back to us. 

  7. When the approved listing is received, it will normally appear within 2 business days.

  8. Payments to Industry Depot are by credit card, PayPal and by wire transfer. Suppliers are paid in 15 to 30 days.

  9. Listings will appear until you ask that they be removed or for 90 days or longer if you wish to keep your offer open indefinitely.  For longer term listings, just notify us if your listing should be updated ans we'll do it.

  10. For easier multiple listings, submit an Excel spreadsheet with the part or model number, product name, quantity available, minimum order quantity, detailed description, manufacturer, weight and price and shipping information and images.  We'll look after the rest.

  11. We will create an "Add to Cart" icon  (Add to cart ) for each product listed that will appear with your product information.  When a prospect clicks on the icon a screen will open at the Industry Depot shopping cart to begin the buying check-out and payment procedure.

Online purchase limits for each order are limited to $5,000USD for credit card transactions but this limit may be exceeded subject to individual authorization approval.  Orders paid by wire transfer are only limited by the amount transferred.  

For more information, call 888-849-8034.



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Productivity improvement, project management,  product development

CONTRACT MANUFACTURING                    

Components, Equipment, Electronics and more!

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