Lifting magnets, measuring arms, electromagnetic chucks, magnetic blocks, vises, tombstones, rotary tables, turrets, magnetic sweepers, workholding clamps

Earth-Chain, Dorian, Industrial Magnetics, Laser Arsenal, Inspection Arsenal, Mitee-Bite


Collet holders, end mill holders, boring bars, drill chucks, roughing & finishing heads, tool posts, lathe accessories, cut-off blades, knurling tools, chatter free boring bars, tooling packages

Techniks, Dorian International, RMC-Corman, Tapmatic, Chatter Free Tooling Solutions, Phase II+

Cutting Tools

Indexable turning, milling, threading & boring inserts, burrs, carbide end mills drills & reamers, coolant thru boring bars & toolholders, cut-off blades & holders, chatter-free boring bars, milling cutters, knurling tools and more.

Phase II+Techniks, Nexus-Lamina, Dorian International, RMC-Corman, Chatter-Free Solutions, Cobra Carbide, Lam, Zenit

Material Testing

Bench and portable hardness testers, durometers, roughness gauges, thickness gauges, borescopes, vibration meters, force gauges, metrology instruments

Phase II+, David Queller, ITM


Light, sound, temperature, IR, vibration, velocity, hardness, multi, clamp, gloss, infrared meters, tachometers, anemometers, magnetic testers, laser measuring, data loggers, probes, flow meters, solenoid valves, indusstrial valves

Reed, Raytek, Fluke, ITM, Spectra Precision, Earth-Chain, Kanomax, Granzow, ICON Truflo

Air Tools

Die, angle & straight grinders, impact wrenches, ratchet wrenches,  riveters, lappers, sanders, screw drivers, needle scalers, universal swivel joints

ZIPP Air Tools, Global Fastener

Electric Tools

Drills, angle, straight & die grinders, hammer drills, cordless drills, es, trash water pumps

ZIPP Power Tools

Glue Guns

Glue guns, adhesives and glue sticks


Rivet Tools / Threaded Insert Tools

Riveting tools, rivets, threaded insert tools and inserts

ZIPP, Global Fastener Engineering, Industrial Rivet

Industrial Fluids

Soluble oil, Semi-synthetic, Synthetic cutting fluids & cutting oils, rust preventatives, degreasers, cleaners, penetrating oil, lubricants

Precision Liquids 

DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) Dispensing Systems

User tested PUISI DEF dispensing systems and components for reliable & economic fluid transfer, consistent refilling, with non-contaminating inert component materials to DEF (ISO 22241-3).


Marking Systems

Marking workpieces in the machine ends double handling and extra operations and features for easy, safe single or high production marking.

Dorian International 

Machine Tools

Magnetic deburring, surface grinders, Plastic Injectors

sPINer, AB Plastic Injectors

Indexable Inserts, Boring Bars, Toolholders, Chatter-Free Boring Bars, End Mills

Turning, threading, grooving & cut-off inserts & blades, ceramic inserts, Solid Carbide End Mills

Dorian International, RMC, HTC, Chatter-Free Solutions

Machine Accessories

Tapping heads & tapping programs, CO2 cooling systems, vibration stress relief systems, distortion control systems

Techniks, Tapmatic, ChilAire, Meta-Lax, Bonal

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