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Rugged Monitors & PCs ...

Built for Harsh, Demanding Environments
Environmentally and functionally rugged monitors and panel PCs for user interface in HMI (human machine interface) applications throughout industrial, military, maritime, and commercial applications.
Available as standalone monitors, panel computers, thin clients or KVM.

DiamondVue: Rugged Monitors & Panel PCs
Vartec DiamondVu Rugged Monitors & PCs
    These industrial grade monitors and panel PCs encompass many features which satisfy a variety of industrial control and man-machine interface application needs. 
  • Corrosion resistant Black powder-coat aluminum or 316-stainless-steel bezels provide a degree of NEMA and IP protection at the front bezel from dust, dirt and moisture. 
  • VarTech industrial grade monitors and panel PCs are available in a variety of flexible mounting options including panel mount with studs, wall VESA mount, 
    19 inch standard rack mount, console mount, and chassis mount for easy integration in to existing HMI systems and hardware.

All-Weather Monitors & Panel PCs:
Vartech AllWeather Monitors & Rugged PCs

    Ultra-rugged All-Weather Series has a slim design and are built for tough outdoor military and marine environments requiring IP67 immersion protection. 
  • These waterproof, readable displays and panel PCs have optically bonded screens and are constructed from milled 6061 aircraft aluminum. RAM, VESA, and Console mounting options make this series and easy fit for aircraft, military-mobile, and ship console applications. 
    This fanless design is shock and vibration protected and MIL-S-901D and MIL-STD-167 compliant. Water-tight push/pull locking style sealed connectors and a harsh duty power supply add to the rugged industrial grade design of these heavy use monitors and panel PCs.

ToughStation: Fully-Sealed Monitors & Panel PCs:
Vartech ToughStation Fully Sealed Monitors & Panel PCs

    VarTech ToughStation Series of fanless, fully-sealed monitors and panel PCs all feature a protective front overlay, and IP68 sealed sealed I/O connectors. 
  • These industrial grade monitors and panel PCs are constructed with extensive gasket-sealing, including all assembly screws, making them an ideal solution for washdown environments and clean-in-place applications. 
  • Monitor and Panel PC enclosures are constructed of black powder-coat aluminum or 316-stainless steel further providing a degree of NEMA and IP protections for use in work environments were damp, dusty or corrosive conditions may be present

Rugged Small Form Factor Computers:
Vartech Rugged Small Form Factor Computers Form Factor

    Our small form factor box computers are powerful and rugged, and perfect for use in digital signage, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), 
  • Thin Clients, KMVs, Embedded Control, Interactive Kiosk and Human/Machine Interface applications requiring an industrial grade computer in a confined space. 
  • These mini-PCs and SFF computer have a low profile, small mechanical footprint, and have several mounting options for mobile applications or applications involving shock and vibration.
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Frederick J. Oille, P.Eng.
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