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Rugged Monitors & PCs ...

Built for Harsh, Demanding Environments
Environmentally and functionally rugged monitors and panel PCs for user interface in HMI (human machine interface) applications throughout industrial, military, maritime, and commercial applications.
Available as standalone monitors, panel computers, thin clients or KVM.

DiamondVue: Rugged Monitors & Panel PCs
Vartec DiamondVu Rugged Monitors & PCs
    These industrial grade monitors and panel PCs encompass many features which satisfy a variety of industrial control and man-machine interface application needs. 
  • Corrosion resistant Black powder-coat aluminum or 316-stainless-steel bezels provide a degree of NEMA and IP protection at the front bezel from dust, dirt and moisture. 
  • VarTech industrial grade monitors and panel PCs are available in a variety of flexible mounting options including panel mount with studs, wall VESA mount, 
    19 inch standard rack mount, console mount, and chassis mount for easy integration in to existing HMI systems and hardware.

VarTech's flagship DiamondVue Series of touchscreen monitor displays and flat panel computers are available in various mechanical/mounting designs.

Built for human-machine interface (HMI) functionality and operator interface for demanding applications in manufacturing and production environments, military command and control, marine shipboard controls, and harsh commercial use. This core flat panel series has many hardened standard features and available standard options which allow for operation in many locations and conditions unsuitable for consumer grade displays and computer products.

Our DiamondVue products are available with several rugged motherboard and processor options for an industrial grade panel PC solution capable of performing demanding IoT processes. Upgrade packages for our rugged monitors and panel PC's provide additional environmental function and performance for virtually any application in any industry.

Available LCD Sizes & Specifications

Sunlight Viewable LCD
Res - Resistive Touch
Cap - Capative Touch
PCAP - Projective Capacitive Touch
ArmorTouch - Glass-on-Film Resistive Touch

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Frederick J. Oille, P.Eng.
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