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Volume 20   No.  33
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Robotic Magnetic End-of-Arm Tooling ....
  • For low profile transferring of metal blanks, stamping and parts
  • Automated Manual Magnetic Handlers are Safer with Less Air Cost than Vacuum Cups

    Automated Magnetic Transporters
    The Transporter® offers increased material handling safety and a significant reduction over vacuum cups in shop air costs.
    Ideal for applications in the Automotive, Appliance and Office Furniture industries, the Transporter® represents a new generation of tooling technology. Available in many standard and custom configurations to best suit the needs of your application. 
  • The patented Industrial Magnetics Transporter® utilize a powerful, rare earth permanent magnet to pick and place heavy, non-flexing steel items, such as truck frames, or other rigid parts in automated transfer or manually operated material handling applications.

TRANSPORTER Low Profile Magnets 
  • Automated press-to-press transfer systems
  • Robotic pick and place systems


Designed to replace vacuum cups and uses up to 95% less air .


TRANSPORTER Magnet / Vacuum Lifter ....
For lifting and holding ferrous steel in stamping, blanking, press-to-press transfer and related applications


The most universal End-Of-Arm-Tooling available

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For automated transferring of steel sheets and parts in various industries including Automotive, Appliance and Office Furniture. The Permatrol Transporter® requires only a momentary flow of electric current, instead of shop air, to provide On/Off cycling control of the magnet.
 Lightweight, low-profile magnets allow for minimal die clearance and can easily be installed on existing tooling booms or robotic face plates. The Permatrol Transporter® is designed to directly replace vacuum cups with only minor tooling adjustments.


For handling heavy, thick steel sheet stock or plate, the Permatrol® offers the security of a permanent magnet with the on/off benefit of an electromagnet, without the need of a high maintenance battery backup system.
Require only a momentary flow of electric current to either activate or deactivate the holding power of the magnet, no continuous flow of electricity to hold or release parts it uses less energy than an electromagnet. The load holds even if there is a power failure, to ensure safety without relying on a battery 
backup system.  
iXTUR Pneumatic Magnets


iXTUR Pneumatic Magnets are ideal for use where vacuum cups and grippers are typically used for lifting and moving steel sheets, blanks, stamped parts and complete assemblies.
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iXTUR Pneumatic Magnet Lifter information

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