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Volume  20  No. 16 
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"One Twist" Hydraulic & Mechanical Indicator Arms... 

For Precise Concentricity Checks with Techniks Magnetic Base Indicator Arms

ECE Universal Arms (hydraulic and mechanical)

ECE300 Series Precision Hydraulic Indicator Arm

Each arm features fast "One Twist", 360 adjustable design, and powerful magnetic base. Hydraulic Arms don't lose position when released like mechanical styles do, so fine adjustments are a snap. Use the ECE-300 series hydraulic arms when maximum accuracy and fast setups are important.

Available arm lengths:  23 1/2", 16 3/4" & 13 3/8"

Hydraulic Arm Features
  • Hydraulic arms are faster, stronger for more precise measurements than mechanical arms
  • Hydraulic joints make fine adjustments easy
  • Check T.I.R. right on your machine
  • Powerful magnetic base

Mechanical Arm Features
  • Precision manufactured components
  • Powerful magnetic base

Available arm lengths:  16 3/4" & 13 3/8"

ECE 330 Series Mechanical Indicator Arms

ECE 340 Series Standard Mechanical Indicator Arm

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Frederick J. Oille, P.Eng.
Industry Depot