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DATA LOGGERS for Healthcare...
Temperature, Temperature & Humidity, Carbon Monoxide, Voltage/Current, Event /Count& State, Vaccine Monitoring, Cold Chain Logistics 

Lascar Electronics has been providing digital display, data logging and custom instrumentation solutions globally since 1977.

Lascar has a family of data loggers with a wide range of parameters and connectivity options from simple USB to unlimited secure Cloud storage of WIFI.

Simple & low-cost Lascar's standalone USB data loggers

measure a number of parameters including temperature, humidity, voltage, current, 4-20mA, event/ count/state and carbon monoxide.

EasyLog GFX Advanced data logging

The robust EasyLog GFX range brings a more advanced feature set to the monitoring of temperature and humidity.

The Lascar EL-Vaccination family of data loggers is a specialised series of USB and WiFi-enabled sensors
allowing discrete and continuous temperature monitoring of vaccines.

Lascar's latest software offering allows users to store data in compliance with the regulations of 21CFR Part 11. As well as the core offerings of Lascar's existing EasyLog software, individual users can now be assigned specific permissions.


Remote, flexible data logging with years of battery life,  The new EL-MOTE WiFi data logger range combines an unobtrusive, waterproof design with replaceable measurement probes, up to two channels and 2 years of potential battery life.

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