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FlexArm Tapping, Drilling, Die Grinding & Part Manipulator Solutions...
To increase your metalworking productivity

Introducing the new FlexBeam to Mill & Drill 40' Beams with ease

New FlexArm Hydraulic Tapping Units...
  • With up to 2" diameter tap capacity
  • Reach up to 76"
  • Quickly change Tool Holders
  • With full 360 degree movement
  • Operate on 220 or 480 volt, 3-phase electric power
  • Independent Speed Control (Forward & Reverse)
  • Include 5 FREE tap holders (up to 7/8") and
  • GREEN Power
FlexArm has introduced a new GH-18-1 with a tap capacity up to 5/8" and a 17" to 72" working range.  As with other models, the GH-18 features;
  • A four-bar linkage articulated arm that allows the machine to maintain perpendicularity to the workbench.  
  • A multi-position head is available for vertical and horizontal tapping.
  • All units have a power supply that can be connected to 220 volt, 3 phase or 480 volt, 3 phase power
  • Full 360 degree Movement
  • Speed Control Inverter

To appreciate the capability of GH-18 and other FlexArm hydraulic tapping machines, check-out the latest video

FlexArm Hydraulic Tapping Video
FlexArm Hydraulic Tapping Video

         FlexArm has been manufacturing and selling FlexArm Tapping Machines and Assembly Arms since 1984 and are recognized experts in tapping and assembly applications. Call Industry Depot today about your application - let us help you find the perfect arm to meet your ergonomic needs! 

          These ready to mount tapping units will boost shop output and slash tapping costs.  When u 
sed in conjunction with a CNC machining center, profits are increased through more hourly production.
          A FlexArm Tapping Machine will take care of prep work such as reaming, chamfering, and deburring.  They allow you to tap up to 2" offline with a hydraulic system.  You will be able to eliminate a milling machine setup and reduce material handling. And, you save time and money by easily articulating a FlexArm tapping arm directly over the work piece.
                                             Click for more Hydraulic Tapping Machine information

FlexArm Pneumatic Tapping Units...
  • Professional, precise results
  • Increase efficiency by working offline
  • 0 to 7/8" capacity
  • Includes 5 FREE tap holders
FlexArm FA-32 Heavy Duty Assembler Helicoil set-up

New FlexDrill CNC Machine ....
Drills, Mills, Taps, and Bevels large parts in one setup
FlexDrill TRD Series CNC Machine
The FlexDrill TRD Series Vertical Machining Center ranges in size from 10' to 80' long, in addition to our standard sizes, we design and build custom machines to suit your needs.  The FlexDrill drills, mills, taps, and bevels large parts in one setup.
The FlexDrill GRD Series CNC Controlled Gantry machining center is custom built to suit your size requirements.The GRD features a mono-block, welded steel frame with high rigidity and a t-slot machine bed.

New FlexBeam

New FlexArm Die Grinding Units...

  • Grinding
  • Die Grinder
  • Weld Removal
  • Die Repair

A FlexArm Die Grinding system will save hours compared to doing die repairs by hand. What normally takes an operator an hour in precise weld removal will take 15 seconds with the FlexArm!
The FlexArm is engineered to maintain perpendicularity at any horizontal or vertical location. Mounted in either position, a piloted carbide deburring tool allows the precise removal of weld, ensuring successful die repair. Make mobile die repair a reality using the optional magnet base mount.
By moving the FlexArm to the die, repairs can be done efficiently inside the press or at a repair station.


 New FlexArm Part Manipulators
  • For Faster, Safer Positioning of parts especially in tight spaces


  • Ergonomic Material Handling
  • Industrial Manipulator
  • Advanced Manipulator
  • Industrial Arms
  • Lift Assist
  • Tool Loader
  • Tool Unloading
  • Assembly and Production
  • Part Manipulator
  • Parts Handling

FlexArm offers custom solutions for your material handling needs. Moving parts in tight areas? The FlexArm Part Manipulator can lift heavy material, load and unload parts in and out of a machine, and load tools into a machine. Need ergonomic lifting solutions? Contact your professionals at FlexArm.

And, manipulator arms are available in both straight and angle configurations to match your particular material handling requirement.

  • Custom End Effectors Available

FlexArm Accessories

FlexArm machines are available with a selection of accessories that make your operations both easy and versatile including;
  • Ground steel top tables
  • Automatic tap lubrication systems
  • Automatic depth stops
  • Pedestal mounts
  • Horzontal tapping adapters
  • Magnetic base mounts
  • Dead handles
  • Stands for tap holders
  • C-Clamp mounts and more
         We hope you found this informative and a useful productivity enhancing communication and as always we appreciate your comments.


Frederick J. Oille, P.Eng.
Industry Depot