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Volume  20  No.  35
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Elevated Skin Temperature Screening
With Calibrated Thermal Imagers
  • Detecting elevated body temperatures is often our first line of defense against virus propagation
  • The purpose of this screening is to differentiate people who are well from those who have a fever. 

Detecting a person's body temperature to ensure it's not elevated, is often the first line of defense against virus infection propagation.   Industry Depot offers several instruments and methods that facilitate this.  The purpose of this screening is to differentiate people who are well from those who have a fever and not to measure absolute body temperatures.

Infrared devices (IR thermometers and thermal imagers) are used more and more against virus infection propagation.  Even though infrared sensors cannot detect the virus and it can't measure the temperature like a medical thermometer would, it can quickly and from a safe distance distinguish potentially ill people.

Infrared devices work for this application because human skin is a high emitter of infrared radiation.

2 Main Types of Thermal Imaging Cameras; Handheld and Fixed

Handheld thermal imaging cameras provide hot spot detection and measurement that infrared thermometers do not.  Some can be mounted on a tripod and some even have a video output allowing you to see the image on a monitor remotely.

Fixed thermal imaging cameras are great for more permanent applications such as monitoring people entering an area and can be equipped with an alarm.  Multiple cameras can be set to different building entrances and can be displayed in one room such as a security guard house.

  • Small, medium and large businesses
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Venues, theaters and arenas
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools and daycares
  • Gyms and other sports facilities
Alarm settings can simplify the process by indicating the average temperature, the alarm temperature and the measured temperature.

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Frederick J. Oille, P.Eng.
Industry Depot