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Volume  20  No. 38 
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From Industrial Magnetics
For FAST weld set-ups & accurate holding of steel sheet, plate and tubing.
  • New Pry Bar set-up tools
  • Convenient MIG & TIG Weld Torch Holders
  • Clamps that can hold work pieces in 10 different angles
  • ON/OFF Switchable magnetic work holding squares
  • Heat resistant designs
    Magnetic Pry Bar for
     Easy Plate Leveling

    Eliminates need for welded tabs for
    rapid and easy plate matching for seamless welds
    • Non marring, On/Off Rare Earth Magnet with 1,000 lbs breakaway force and locking T-handle for safety
    • Easy On/Off actuation with no electricity needed
    • Up to 100 times faster than traditional methods saving you time and money, pays for itself in days
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    MIG & TIG Weld Torch Holders with Magnetic Bases

    MIG weld torch holder.
    MIG weld torch holder (torch sold separately)

    TIG weld torch holder
    TIG weld torch holder (torch sold separately)

    MIG and TIG weld torch holders with magnetic bases quickly and easily attach to any steel surface in your shop such as welding tables, welding machines and more. The strong magnetic base and versatile design allows for the torch holder to be placed in a variety of locations and orientations.
    Magnetic welding squares from Industrial Magnetics are ideal for welders that need fast set-ups and accurate holding of steel sheet stock, plate and tubing. Available in either Standard, always on or On/Off configurations. 

    ON/OFF Magnetic Welding Squares
     With fast magnetic work-holding on multiple sides of the MagSquare, you can eliminate the need for tedious & time consuming clamping. Versatile MagSquares can be used on flat or round, steel or iron surfaces and have pre-tapped holes on all sides for mounting.
              Standard magnetic welding squares are ideal for welders needing to securely hold ferrous stock at angles of 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 and 180.  Another feature is mounting holes for fixturing squares into jigs.
     Industrial Magnetic's Welding Angles are available in either Standard (always on) or On/Off models.
     Unlike a standard magnetic welding angle, these switchable Rare Earth welding angles can be turned on and off! The ON/OFF 90 Rare Earth Magnetic Welding Angle is reversible for inside or outside angles and holds flat against pipe. Simply place it on a work surface, turn it on and start welding. Versatile design with pre-drilled holes allows for quick adjustment or addition of magnetic bases.
    The unique design of our Adjustable Welding Angles has magnetic bases that rotate for virtually unlimited welding angles and is reversible for inside or outside holds - even against pipe. So not only will the magnet stay clean and free of particle build up when not in use (no wiping!), but it also lets you position the welding angle to your piece without fighting a magnetic field and marring it's surface. Once you've got your angle set, simply rotate the handles to turn the magnets on. This lets welders set up, weld and move on to the next job in a flash.
    Quickly and easily set up and hold steel in angles ranging from 22 to 270 with an adjustable, locking handle and marked degree indicators every 45 for accuracy. On/Off Pivoting Welding Angle offers versatile, work-holding ability on three sides of each magnet with a 200lb. holding value and accommodates flat or round steel.
    ON/OFF MagSquares 

    These switchable On/Off Rare Earth MagSquares feature Magswitch technology that holds flat or round steel and iron in a powerful grip.  Fast work-holding on multiple sides of the MagSuare eliminates tedious clamping.  Pre-Tapped holes on all sides aid mounting.
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    Frederick J. Oille, P.Eng.
    Industry Depot