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Volume 19 No. 17
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Vacuum Workholding for Lathes & Milling Machines
1. Rotary Vacuum Chuck for Lathes lets you... 
  • Handle various diameters by just changing the vacuum chamber by removing/reinstalling the gasket material from on of the 9 grooves
  • Rigid design to ensure concentricity between the shaft and vacuum chambers
  • Rotary push fitting for up to 1,100 rpm turning
  • Recommended for light duty machining applications 


Yes, a vacuum system for your lathe or rotary table can allow you to hold workpieces when turning that cannot be held by traditional methods. 

Using newly designed vacuum grippers, the lateral holding force can be increased by more than 400% in some cases. The grippers can be raised/lowered/relocated in the 32 M6 threaded holes on the face to easily change the size of vacuum chambers by removing/reinstalling the gasket material from one of the 9 grooves. Just select the largest diameter possible for your application to maximize the holding force.

The chuck is manufactured from a solid billet to ensure concentricity between the shaft and the vacuum chambers to increase rigidity.

A push to connect fitting is designed for up to 1,100 rpm but sound general machining practices and common sense should still be applied with this system. The system is recommended for light duty machining applications and we should be consulted if you have any doubts or questions.

Steel tubing is necessary with a coolant trap placed between the vacuum pump and vacuum chuck. Flex tubing may be used with rotary tables but steel tubing is always the preferred method.

More Vacuum Chuck Information

Electric Vacuum Pump/Air Compressor

Mite-Bite now offers an Electric Vacuum Pump/Air Compressor option for use with a their vacuum systems.  This unit is compact, quiet and guaranteed to run continuously for 1 year!

The Pump produces a high evacuation rate of 5 cfm which is recommended for larger parts or difficult gasket sealing situations as the pump can better compensate for gasket leakage.  At dead head, the vacuum pump develops approximately 12-13 psi of vacuum holding force.  Mitee-Bite recommends using our Coolant Trap between the fixture and pumps, so that any liquid that bypasses the gasket can be captured so not to affect vacuum performance. 


The Pump is available operation on 115 volt or 230 volt supplies and includes a Mitee-Bite coolant trap, air filter, non-skid feet and 10 foot power cord with on/off switch.  The 230 volt cord will have flying leads* due to the wide variety of plugs.
*No plug on the end of the cord.
2. VACMAGIC Vacuum Pallets for Milling Machines lets you ...

Swap Pallets in 30 seconds or less!
Plus Multiple Vacuum Pallets for larger & multi-part workholding
Vacmagic 300 is the All-in-One Pallet Changer and Vacuum Chuck System lets you...
  • Quick-change pallets in 30 seconds or less
  • Maximize productivity by loading pallets while machining Is easy to install and set-up
  • Precise repeatability
  • Reliable and easy to use- Virtually maintenance free
  • Flexible pallet design - Limited only by your imagination
  • No pumps - Uses standard shop air.

         We hope you found this informative and a useful productivity enhancing communication and as always we appreciate your comments.


Frederick J. Oille, P.Eng.
Industry Depot