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Stress Relieve Metal by Relaxing Residual Stress Using Vibration Energy

Thermal stress relieving is costly in terms of time and energy.  It may take hours or days using a furnace and furnace time consumes large amounts of expensive fuel.  The Meta-Lax process relieves thermal stress within metal components by using nondestructive, highly efficient sub-harmonic vibrations to prevent distortion and cracking.

Metal-Lax stress relieves in minutes.  In the Meta-Lax (metal relaxation) process, the operator clamps a force inducer (vibrator) onto the object and, using instrumentation that measures vibratory amplitudes of the atomic lattice, determines the present harmonic frequency curve.  The curve represents the "false" harmonic frequency of the stressed metal.  After the force inducer vibrates the metal for about 20 minutes at a frequency corresponding to one-third of the height of the stressed harmonic amplitude, the harmonic frequency permanently shifts.  The new curve is a true reading, indicative of the metal's non-stressed state.

Meta-Lax is a proven substitute for 80% to 90% of heat-treatment stress relief in metal-working applications.  It improves the inconsistencies of the previous resonant-vibration energy, which is the optimum vibration stress-relief frequency.  This process treats a wider variety of work pieces with a versatile portable unit and yields results much more quickly than conventional, stationary heat-treating furaces.  Hours or heat-treating become minutes with the Meta-Lax process.

Commercialized in 1991.  Now approximately 1300 units are currently operating in the United States with an estimated payback time of 6 to 9 months.  Computer controlled systems and manual systems available plus a range of force inducers to match your product weights and sizes.


• Certifiable Stress Relief
• NO Treatment Distortion
• No Size or Weight Limits
• 41% Less Machining Time
• 98% Less Processing Time
• 95% Less Processing Cost
• 500% Fatigue Improvement
• 90% Less Distortion
• 90% Less Weld Cracking
• Less Weld Porosity
• Conistently Effective
• 9 Month ROI

Reduce costs when:

 Machining, Fabricating, Mold Making, Die Casting

Meta-Lax ฎ is the world's most successful vibratory stress relief for metal structures. The patented Meta-Lax process can also be used during welding to condition weldments against distortion, cracking, and weld defects.

  Meta-Lax, by Bonal Technologies, the Only Sub-Harmonic Vibratory Stress Relief Process

Series 2400
  • Touch Screen Controls with Graphic Certification
  • Performs Semi-Automatic Stress Relief & Weld Conditioning
  • 7" high definition color touch screen control panel
  • Graphic and Manual Certification
  • Saves data on a flash drive for Excelฎ importing
  • Three languages; English, French and Spanish
Meta-Lax Series 2400 Touch Screen Semi-automatic Stress Relief & Weld Conditioning System with 7" high definition touch screen

Manual Systems
Series 2000
  • Features Manual Certification
  • Lowest cost Meta-Lax system
  • Performs Manual Stress Relief & Weld Conditioning
  • 5" color touch screen control panel
  • Three languages; English, French and Spanish
Meta-Lax Series 2000 Manual Certification Stress Relief & Weld Conditioning System


Meta-Lax Force Inducer Models 1F, 1FD, V8, 2A and 3A for fabrication capacity up to 40,000 lbs

















Contact INDUSTRY DEPOT with your specific requirements for a comprehensive META-LAX stress relief and weld conditioning proposal.  Phone 888-849-8034.





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