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Now you can shrink, preset, and verify tools in one setup.
  • Heats and cools automatically
  • Eliminates handling hot tools
  • For shank sizes 1/8" to 1-1/4"
  • Cycle time automatically set from tool shank size
  • Includes adapters, stop rings and sleeves.

Simply put the toolholder in the stand, shrink in the tool, then set tool depth and optically verify before cooling the toolholder. Hand wheels in the X and Y axes and optical display make adjustment and verification fast and easy. Induction wand detaches to remove tools without the need to put them in a presetter spindle.

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        ShrinkSTATION 00400 ShrinkFIT Machine

techniks ShinkSTATION 00400 ShrinkFIT machine

         Changes tools in 1525 seconds (1/2" shank)

         Easy-to-Use touch screen controls

         Automatic cooling using 90 PSI shop air

The ShrinkSTATION is an ideal solution for job shops or manufacturing facilities that need a reliable shrink fit machine that can handle practically all sizes and types of toolholders, and is affordable.

This machine features many of the same processor and control technologies used in our ShrinkPRO machines. Every component of this machine from the industrial touch-screen interface, to the motor driven transport rail, and the heavy-duty stainless steel base, is designed for reliable performance and ease-of-use in demanding environments.

                    ShrinkPRO ShrinkFIT 00600 Machine      



The Techno-Shrink Ultra features fast (6 seconds) tool changes using induction heat. Cooling is fully automatic using a programmable air-cooling cycle.

If you are looking for a fast, cost-effective shrink-fit solution, the ShrinkPRO can save you thousands of dollars and provides enough shrinking capability to keep up with a fast-paced shop floor environment.

Part No. Description Tool Change Cooling Rating PSI
Dimensions Weight Price, $US*
00400 ShrinkSTATION 15-20 seconds air (3 min) 220V 1 phase 20A 90 PSI 16"x16"x32" 42 lbs Please Call
00600 ShrinkPRO  6-9 seconds air (2-3 min) 480V 3 phase 30A 90 PSI 20"x20"x37" 84 lbs Please Call
Shrink Machine Induction Stop Rings


Dimension G5 Induction
Part No.
Price, $US*
3 - 5mm  Induction Stop Ring 00165 Please Call
6 - 12mm Stop Ring 00166 Please Call
14-20mm Stop Ring 00167 Please Call
25 - 32mm Stop Ring 00168 Please Call
30 Taper Toolholder Adaptor 00151 Please Call
40 Taper Toolholder Adaptor 00152 Please Call
50 Taper Toolholder Adaptor 00153 Please Call
HSK40 Toolholder Adaptor 00157 Please Call
HSK50 Toolholder Adaptor 00158 Please Call
HSK63 Toolholder Adaptor 00159 Please Call
Toolholder Sleeve 00170 Please Call
Thermal Insulated Glove 200.001.018 Please Call
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 ShrinkPRO Quencher Machine...   to Change tool and back to spindle in under 1 minute!

         Auto-Quench means you never touch a hot toolholder

         Flexible Operates on 208V up to 480V

Techniks 00500 ShrinkPRO Quencher MachineShrinkPRO Quencher Machine Screen

The Quencher ShrinkFIT machine features a liquid cooling cycle that is 250% faster than air-cooled units. Cooling time is to less than 30 seconds! The hot tool is immersed in the Quench Tank and the cool tool is returned to the shrink position in only 30 seconds and automatically dried using shop air.

The Quencher is a great choice for dedicated tool changing stations or cellular workflows, because it can operate on voltages from 208 - 480VAC.

Touchscreen Simplicity:

Select your shank size and the Quencher sets heating duration. Touch the Quench button to start cooling cycle.

"Never Down" Guarantee:

Part No.


Tool Change


Recommended Electrical Supply


Price, $US*


ShrinkPRO Quencher

2-5 seconds

30 sec

13 phase, 480V, 20A


Please Call





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