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Increase Tap Life & Cut Tapping Costs by 50% or More...

With TAPMATIC ISO 9001 Certified Tapping Equipment

  • Improve thread quality
  • Increase production through fewer tool changes
  • Reduce down time
  • Please download the tapping program of interest for tool specifications, operating characteristics and features
  • Then call us Toll Free at 888-849-8034 with your requirements for pricing, delivery and further application recommendations.  

Designed for Best Results

* Not available to Canadian customers.


SynchroFlex tap holders dramatically improve tap life and thread quality by compensating for the unavoidable discrepancies between the machine synchronization and the actual tap pitch.

  • Synchronous feed tap holders with modular straight shank, with or without internal coolant system. 

  • Synchronous feed tap holders with integral HSK shank with internal coolant system

  • Synchronous feed tap holders with Tapmatic Capto shank, with internal coolant system.

SynchroFlex® Synchronous Feed Tap Holder Program

Tension-Compression Tap Drivers

For CNC Machining Center & CNC Lathe High Production Tapping... with Non-Synchronous Tap Cycles and with Machine Reversal

NSM for NC Machining & Turning Centers.  Hard Start & Rubber-Flex Collet Chuck. The most compact tap driver available.  Steel Collet Chuck available on request.

NSM Tension Compression Tap Program

thes & Mills.  Front Release Hard Start & Quick-Change Chuck. Provides greater thread accuracy and higher production rates. 

TA Tension Compression Tap Chuck Program

TIC for CNC Machining Centers with internal Coolant Through system.  Features Front Release Hard Start for accurate depth control & Quick-Change Chuck.

 TIC Tension Compression Quick Change Tap Chuck Program


Rx Manual Tapping

Self-Reversing Tapping Head for Conventional Drill Press & Milling Machine Applications or Large Capacity on Manual or Automated Equipment... without Machine Reversal

RX Series is the newest for manually controlled operation in conventional  drill press and milling machines. RX High Production Self Reversing Tapping Heads Program

X Series is for sensitive tapping with fiber clutch to prevent breakage.X Series Self Reversing Tapping Attachments Program

TC/DC is similar to X series but with Adjustable Depth Control for shallow blind hold tapping. TC/DC Reversing Tapping Attachments Program

SPD Series Short Positive Drive for Large Capacity on Manual or Automated Equipment features positive drive and reverse to eliminate tap slippage.  SPD Series Self Reversing Tapping Attachments Program

SPD QC Series for Quick-Change Capability.SPD QC Self Reversing Tapping Attachments Program


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