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Increase Tire Life, Fuel Mileage & Reduce Blowouts 

      ..... with IPA Tire Pressure Equalizers

  • Base model  Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer, Model #9060
  • Ultimate Dual Tire Pairing Gauge to ensure Dual Mated Tires are within Tolerance, Model #9067 Tire Comparator™
9060 Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer (Base Model)

9060 Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer (Base Model)An accurate, dual-regulator, tire inflation system that reads, equalizes and inflates tires to desired pressure(s).

Features & Benefits

  • Fast fill and deflation time for both front and rear tiresHands free tire inflation and deflation system servicing multiple tires at once
  • Accurate dual regulator system for front and rear tires 
  • Easy- to-read, high resolution, accurate pressure gauges
  • Prevents blowouts and tire decapitation Increases fuel mileage and tread life
  • Made and assembled in the USA 
  • Internally maximized hoses and ports for maximum air flow (Air Chucks are NOT included) 
  • One Year Limited Warranty

0-160 PSI Working Pressure Range 
Gauges Are NIST Traceable (Re-Certifiable with 6-Month Program)
Easy-to-Read, Accurate Air Pressure Gauges
Steel Welded Cart 
Color Coded 3/8 In. ID. Pneumatic Hose
10 In. Pneumatic Tires

• Five Color Coded Air Hoses 
• Two Panel-Mounted Regulators
• Two Panel-Mounted, High Accuracy Air Gauges and Regulators 
6-Month Re-Certification Available

Model 9060 Price $1557.98USD  Add to cart


Model 9060C w/ Lock on Chucks Price $1818.72USD          Add to cart        

9067 Tire Comparator... The Fastest Way to Compare Tire Wear on Mated Dual Tires

IPA 9067 Tire ComparatorIPA 9067 Tire Comparator

IPA® Tire Comparators are the industry’s fastest and most consistent caliper for comparing tread wear on mated dual tires. This simple to use sliding tolerance gauge requires no measuring, guessing, or even visual inspection. Just hold it against the tire, and slide across the treads for a quick result every time.


Even the smallest discrepancies in mated tires can result in a loss of fuel economy and tread life. A .25 in. variance in size, for example, will cause the larger tire to support a far greater load. This results in accelerated tread wear and increased heating on the larger tire. Additionally repeated scuffing will occur on the smaller tire with each rotation. These factors increase rolling resistance, which decreases fuel economy and decrease tire lifespan.

Model 9067 Tire Comparator™ 1/2" Tolerance Price $98.80USD.       Add to cart

Model 9068 Tire Comparator™ 1/4" Tolerance Price $98.80USD.    Add to cart





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