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Swap Pallets in 30 seconds or less!

Plus Multiple Vacuum Pallets for larger & multi-part workholding

Vacmagic 300 is the All-in-One Pallet Changer and Vacuum Chuck System lets you...Vacmagic 300 is the All-in-One Pallet Changer and Vacuum Chuck System

  • Quick-change pallets in 30 seconds or less

  • Maximize productivity by loading pallets while machining

  • Is easy to install and set-up

  • Precise repeatability

  • Reliable and easy to use- Virtually maintenance free

  • Flexible pallet design - Limited only by your imagination

  • No pumps - Uses standard shop air.


Vacmagic 100 is the Simplest and Most Versatile Vacuum System on the Market

The VM100 was primarily designed for grinding non-ferrous material on a magnetic chuck.  It was discovered the VM100 could be much more.  Clamp the VM100 in a vise to reduce set-up time, use as a pallet changer or mount to a grid plate or T-slot table.  Operates on shop air. No need for vacuum pumps and coolant traps.

  • Operates on 70-100 psi shop air, eliminating vacuum pumps and coolant traps
  • Will accept the standard VM300 Vacuum pallet increasing your vacuum platform to over 14" x 12"
  • Make your own vacuum fixtures - we can help with the design for your custom application
  • Remove 12mm pins when grinding/machining thin material, use set screws to locate and aid in holding force.

Vacmagic 300 low profile base unit      Vacuum pallet with gacket positioned for a thin workpiece.     Workpiece placed over gasket and pushed down to create a vacuum.

Low profile base unit quickly mounts to machine table.  It operates with 70 psi standard shop air. Vacuum pallet with gasket positioned for thin workpiece Workpiece placed over gasket and pushed down to create a vacuum.  Now ready for machining


Vise mounted on blank pallet for quick change from production to prototype. The small tube is connected to a low pressure safety switch to disable machine if air pressure is too low.


VM300 Vacmagic all-in-one pallet changer and vacuum chuck system



Watch Vacmagic in action:

Tech Data

Air Supply Requirements 70 psi (5 bar)
2 SCFM (55 SLPM)
Low Pressure Safety Switch…Included
Vacuum Indicator………Included
Hardened Locator Pins……Included
Part No. Description Price USD Buy Now
VACMAGICTM VM100 Vacuum Pallet
45325 Blank Pallet 12.5"x5.875"x1.0" (318mmx150mmx25mm) $97.56   Add to cart
45150 VM300 Vacuum Pallet 14.2"x12.4"x0.63" (360mmx315mmx16mm) $331.71   Add to cart
45375 Base Unit with mounting clamps 12.375"x5.5"x1" (315mmx140mmx25mm)   $1,521.95   Add to cart
45300 Complete System w/2 blank pallets   $1,658.54   Add to cart
VACMAGICTM VM300 Pallet Changer
45130 Blank Pallet 14.2"x12.4"x0.75" (360mmx315mmx19mm) $268.29   Add to cart
45150 VM300 Vacuum Pallet 14.2"x12.4"x0.63" (360mmx315mmx16mm) $331.71   Add to cart
45160 VM300 Large Vacuum Pallet 33.625"x14.5"x0.625" (859mmx368mmx16mm)   $951.22   Add to cart
45175 Base Unit (Receiver) includes safety switch, required hoses. $2,536.59   Add to cart
45101 Complete System w/2 (19mm) blank pallets, 1 vacuum pallet $3,408.88   Add to cart
Part No. Description Price USD Buy Now
45111 Vacuum Gasket - custom length .170" Dia. per foot. $1.46  Add to cart
45114 Vacuum Gasket - .170" Dia. per foot, White $1.46 Add to cart
45119 Vacuum Gasket - per ft. length .188" Dia., Black $1.46  Add to cart

*Pallet price with purchase of a base unit.

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Multi-Power Vac for Multiple Pallet Vacuum Workholding

Multi-Power Vac workholding system that may be powered with our Vacuum Generator (Shop Air) or Vacuum Pumps that may be purchased separatelyThe Multi-Power Vac is the most universal multi-functional vacuum workholding system available;

  • Can be powered with a Mitee-Bite Vacuum Generator using shop air or a vacuum pump.

  • 14"x 16" vacuum pallet with textured surface to create more holding force through friction

  • 4 Vacuum ports allowing user to hold 1-4 small parts or 1 large part.  Ports can be plugged

  • Grid plate tapped with M

  •  threads allowing multiple workholding solutions

  • 6 oversized steel washers machined below the bottom surface allows the unit to be used for grinding operations on a magnetic chuck.

  • Multiple Vacuum Generators can be used on each pallet if additional CFM is needed.

  • Multiple pallets can operate from one vacuum generator

  • Coolant Trap may be necessary when using external vacuum source.  Trap sold separately




Part No. Description Price USD Buy Now
Multi-Power Vac  
46000 Multi-Power Vac Pallet with Generator $1,951.22  Add to cart
46100 Multi-Power Vac Generator $317.07 Add to cart
46200 Multi-Power Vac Pallet only $1,560.98 Add to cart
46250 Multi-Power Vac Sacrificial Top Plate $160.98 Add to cart
46050 Multi-Power Vac Coolant Trap $112.50 Add to cart

* Not available to Canadian customers.

Click for Rotary Vacuum Chucks for Lathes

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