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 DORIAN Three Wheel Knurling Tools


1. For small diameters

When side pressure does not allow the use of a one or two wheel knurling tool.

2. For long lengths

When support or live center is not permissible. The part would deflect if a standard one or two wheel knurling tool is used.

3. For high precision knurling

When the finished diameter of the knurled part demands close tolerance. The three wheel knurling system applies less pressure per wheel controlling the displacement and the form of the material. This makes the knurl uniform and precise.

4. For high production

High production without sacrificing performance and quality.

5. For automation

When cost is a factor. The high performance of this tool will keep the manufacturing cost lower.

6. Which machine to use on

Automatic Screw Machines, CNC Lathes, and Turret Lathes.

Three wheel knurling tool Features:

  • Minimum diameter .085"
  • Maximum diameter 1.500"
  • For straight or diamond knurl
  • Infinite lengths
  • Precise scroll gear
  • Fine diameter adjustment
  • Dial allows for visual diameter adjustment
  • Knurl to a shoulder
  • Self-adjust to parts and tool misalignment
  • Easy to setup
  • Simple to operate
  • Manual knurl diameter release for manual lathes

3WSKT -Three wheel knurling tool with optional round or square shanks

  • Made of heat treated precision ground alloy steel.

  • The dovetail guide and adjustable arms ensure the most possible accuracy and rigidity.

  • A precise scroll gear allows for fine diameter settings.

  • Scaled dial makes setting the diameter easy.

  • This tool is engineered for most demanding knurling jobs in Screw Machine, C.N.C. Lathe, and Turret Lathe Applications.

  • Square shank can be reversed for right hand or left hand operation.

  •  Square shank with preset center height.


Part No. Product  Type Price, $US* Buy Now
3WKT-06-2 Dorian 3WKT-06-2 Three Wheel Knurling Tool Head $1,026.78  Please call
3WKT-12-2 Dorian 3WKT-12-2 Three Wheel Knurling Tool Head $1,072.40  Please call
3WKT-25-2 Dorian 3WKT-25-2 Three Wheel Knurling Tool Head $1,134.15  Please call
3WKT-40-M Dorian 3WKT-40-M Three Wheel Knurling Tool Head $2,066.01  Please call
3WKT-40-2 Dorian 3WKT-40-2 Three Wheel Knurling Tool Head $1,689.81  Please call






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