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Fuel & DEF Distribution Management Systems ...
To control fleet fluids consumption and costs

Are higher diesel and oil fuel and DEF costs hitting the bottom line of your Fleet operation?  If the answer is yes, you're not alone.

Economic PIUSI dispensing management systems are coming to the aid of more fleet managers to confront these spiraling costs. Whatever your fleet size, there is a practical fluid dispensing system and software package to help contain costs and put you back in control.

There is the MC 1.5 Box Self-Service system for up to 60 or 120 users and the MC 2.0 Box Self-Service for up to 1,000 users that are good for use with all your fleet fluids.  And each system is available with the Self-Service software that matches your fleet size.

MC 1.5 Box Self-Service System
PIUSI MC Box 1.5

The MC Box 1.5 is certified ETL 1238 "Control equipment for use with flammable liquid dispensing devices." The MC Box 1.5 was designed for small to mid-sized fleet management and can monitor and control up to 60 or 120 users based on software. Data is transferred via gray management key which can record the last 650 transactions. 
  • Setup, monitoring, and reporting done from your PC. 
  • Sliding front cover protects the display from wind and rain.  
  • Intuitive dashboard for fleet management.  
  • Lockable front panel for * Complete 1.5 management system requires: MC Box 1.5, Self Service 1.5 software (Standard or Professional), Gray Manager Key (F20552000), and Key Reader (F12262010).added security. 
  • Lowest storage temp: -4F (-20C)
  • Lowest working temp: 14F (-10C) 
  • Corresponding Self Service software is required
Self-Service 1.5 Software completes  the 1.5 management system and requires an MC Box 1.5, Self Service, 1.5 software (Standard or Professional), Gray Manager Key (F20552000), and Key Reader (F12262010).

  • 1.5 Standard for 2 MC Boxes & 60 users
  • 1.5 Professional for 4  
    MC Boxes & 120 users
The 1.5 System features a simplified dashboard panel. The Manager Key 1.5 Data can be sent to a PC via electronic key with memory or key reader. It continuously monitors current tank levels, users, and vehicles.

MC 2.0 Box Self-Service System

For ...

The Certified (ETL 1238) MC Box 2.0 Management System is designed for fleet management, with software that can supervise, monitor, and coordinate up to 1000 users, and up to 12 MC Box units. The intuitive dashboard shows you tank levels, customized user profiles, fuel consumption data per vehicle, and more. Optimize your fuel management today with the MC Box 2.0 and Self Service 2.0 software. 

  • Setup, monitoring and reporting done from your PC.  
  • Intuitive dashboard panel shows you what's going on at a glance.  
  • Continuously monitors current tank levels.  
  • Monitor, control, and limit drivers & vehicles from your PC. 
  • Create customized reports & graphs that show you the details of each tank, liquid, vehicle, or driver that your company manages. 
  • Corresponding Self Service software is required.
Complete 2.0 management system requires: MC Box 2.0, Self Service 2.0 software (either the Entry, Advanced, or Enterprise). Cloud service is also available. Self Service 2.0 Client license allows software use for multiple workstations. One software required per site.

  • 2.0 Entry for 2 Dispensers & 50 users
  • 2.0 Advanced for 4 Dispensers & 250 users
  • 2.0 Suite for 20 Dispensers & 1,000 users

Continuous Tank Level Monitoring to Display the Fluid Level  or Fluid Volume

Each system includes:
A tube for detecting static pressure: The tube end is inserted from the top of the tank and lowered down into the liquid until it touches the bottom.  A control unit for displaying the level and managing the system.  The unit is equipped with an intuitive, complete software and permits the connection of two alarms or lock devices.
The software is used to:
  • Set tank type and dimensions
  • Define alarm levels
  • Define indication level
  • Define measurement unit
  • Calibrate the instrument
Depending on the set alarm levels, the control unit activates or deactivates the contact by acting as a remote switch for starting the alarms or cutting power to the connected equipment.

Dispenser Systems & Monitors are also available from Industry Depot including ...
SUZZARA BLUE TOTE & DRUM Dispensing Systems
Suzzsts Pro DEF Tote System

SUZZARA BLUE Tote systems features K24 flow meters, manual or automatic nozzles.  SUZZARA feature Drum & Troll Systems are available with a base for easy transfer, a pump, manual nozzle, a 20 ft delivery hose and 1.5 ft of suction hose.

DEF Mini-Bulk Dispensing and Management System
Piusi is proud to present the new Self Service MC DEF Dispenser for your Mini-Bulk needs. Now you can easily manage and keep track of your DEF dispensing. The system controls up to 80 users through PIN codes or i-button keys on a digital display that's safely protected by a sliding front panel. The key reader even includes a USB socket for exporting data. The entire system is stored inside a robust, lockable tower for added security.
Self Service Software required.
  • Components:
  • * 120V/60Hz AC SuzzaraBlue DEF pump
  • * 20 ft EPDM dispensing hose 
  • * SB 325 automatic nozzle
  • * K24 Flow Meter
  • * 3D DEF Filter
  • * Key reader
  • * All in a lockable container

Select the pump and motor combination that meets your needs for oil and diesel fuels.

         All PIUSI DEF and fuel dispensers linked above and many more are available from Industry Depot.
        We hope you found this informative and useful and we'd appreciate your comments.

Frederick J. Oille, P.Eng.
Industry Depot