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To manage your Temperature, Temperature & Humidity, Carbon Monoxide, Voltage/Current, Event /Count & State, Vaccine Monitoring and Cold Chain Logistics Process Data

We proudly announce that Lascar Electronics has appointed Industry Depot  as a North American distributor for the Lascar line of data logging solution instruments, systems and accessories.  Lascar Electronics has been providing digital display, data logging and custom instrumentation solutions globally since 1977.

Lascar offers a family of data loggers with a wide range of parameters and connectivity options from simple USB to unlimited secure Cloud storage of WIFI.

Industries served include housing & business premises, vaccine storage, blood & blood component storage, Cold Chain in the Pharma Industry, Food Safety & Cooking Processes, Food chilling, freezing & storage, Cold Chain in the food industry, museum & exhibition environments, facilities management. Outside Environmental Data, Agriculture and Animal Welfare and more.  Check out this Lascar video: 

Introduction to the EasyLog Data Logger Range
Introduction to the EasyLog Data Logger Range

Panel Pilots Off the shelf hardware and intuitive design software for rapid development of you display projects available in three configurations..

ACE: Smart graphic displays with full colour touch screens, available in 4.3" and 7" sizes. Both feature multiple I/O and are suitable for use in automation control and as HMIs. Free software enables you to create bespoke interfaces without writing a line of code.

M: This low cost range of dual channel color touch-screen panel meters comes with simple to use, free software for easy  configurations.

B: A low power, single channel, e-paper graphic meter that comes with free software that allows you to create your application in 4 easy steps.

Panel Instruments are available in LCD, LED, 4-20mA, Easy Mount, Thermometers and more.

LCD displays are excellent for daylight or well lit environments, LCD displays offer an excellent, low power option across a host of applications.

LED displays use more power (typically 30mA @ 5VDC) than their LCD counterparts but do offer better visibility in low-light.

For 4-20mA loop power indication, select one of Lascar's varying display options. From sub-miniature 11mm digit height options to large 19mm options.

The EasyMount series of meters are designed to easy mounting into any application. Perfect for new or retrofit display applications.

Power Supplies  are available in Single, Dual & Triple Rail, 120V AC and 240V AC configurations.

Calibration Certificates
Traceable calibration certificate services
Lascar can provide traceable calibration certificates for UK, US and Hong Kong standards as follows. You can purchase fixed point temperature and temperature/humidity calibrations through the website. If you have a requirement for a non-standard calibration, please contact our sales teams for assistance.for USA & Canada
Calibration standard: Traceable to NIST standard.
Example Certificates: Temperature | Temperature and Humidity | Temperature and Humidity Example 2
To purchase Your Calibration: Temperature | Temperature & Relative Humidity | Thermistor | Thermocouple call 888-849-8034 or email 

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Frederick J. Oille, P.Eng.
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