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Industry Depot has been supplying productivity solutions to North American manufacturing and service companies and consultants since 1999.

Industry Depot supplies high value manufacturing equipment, accessories, material testing and industrial measuring instruments and name-brand power tools that will exceed your expectations at competitive prices with quick deliveries.

And, we back every item with a money-back guarantee and your information is safe-guarded in our encrypted servers. For product details, click the categories below or the Industry Depot Catalogs link.



Metalworking work holding accessories and equipment including lifting magnets, magnetic V-blocks, electromagnetic chucks, magnetic chucks, magnetic accessories, mechanical arms, work holding clamps, vacuum chucks and other clamping devices.             

Workholding Catalog





All your  precision metalworking machine tool holders for turning, milling, drilling from roughing through finishing operations including boring bars, chatter free boring bars, collets and collet chucks, drill chucks, boring heads and more.  Save with  tooling special packages.

Toolholder Catalog






Dorian Quadra Tool PostComplete CNC turning center, tool room lathe and manual lathe tooling and  accessories including tool posts, tool holders, holding fixtures, boring bars, cut-off blades, knurling tools, turning inserts plus value special tooling packages               

  Lathe Accessory Catalog 








Industry Depot offers North American manufacturers a complete supply of cutting tool holders indexable carbide cutting tool inserts and tool holder hardware for maximize tooling performance and productivity.                                                                  

Cutting Tool Catalog


Material Testing Instruments, Tools, Gages & EquipmentPhase II Portable Hardness Tester  

Get the accurate test results you need with precision Phase II hardness testers, durometers, roughness, thickness and force gauges, vibration meters and all your metrology needs.      

Material Testing Instruments  

Metrology Instrument InformationPrecision Tools & Gages  

Optical CMM Scanners

Instrumentation & Flow Control Valves & Meters

Quality precision instruments for all industrial, consulting and scientific needs to measure electrical  variables, temperature, air velocity, vibration, speed, light, weight, hardness, noise and more, all manufactured by leading world class instrument manufacturers such as REED, Fluke, Raytek and others.  

Instrumentation Catalog    

Flow Control Valves & Meters  

Industrial & Sanitary Valves


INDUSTRIAL PLCs, HMIs, DISPLAYS & COMPUTERSFully Submersible Sunlight Readable LCD VT104XA4Rugged NEMA 4X (IP66) Panel PC Computer

Vartech all weather, High Bright, rugged, NEMA 4 & NEMA 4X displays.

NEMA 4X workstations, enclosed PCs, hazardous area workstations, Sunlight readable computers.  

Iindustrial PLCs, HMIs & Displays Catalogs

Click for More Industrial PLC & HMI  information

Click for More Industrial Displays & Computer  information

Indoor Air Quality Monitors       Model K2211 Handheld Indoor Air Quality Meter

Essential for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) investigations, HVAC testing, industrial hygiene, filter face air velocity measurement, facility certification and clean room studies.  Hand-held, portable, high temperature, humidity and multi-channel anemometers, indoor air quality, dust and gas monitors and portable laser airborne particle counters

Click for the new Air Quality Instrumentation Catalog





Fastening Tools & Fasteners ZIPP Lock Bolt Tool-1/4" max. Part No. ZT2318HA

The source for all your riveting and threaded insert needs; for every application, your choice of materials and head styles, inch and metric threaded inserts.  Also, pneumatic and manual riveting and threaded insert installation tools.                              

Fasteners & Fastening Tools Catalog


Air Power Tools

Name brand brand industrial air angle drills, air pistol grip drills, air die grinders, air right angle grinders, air straight grinders, air impact wrenches, angle drills, pistol grip drills, die grinders, right angle grinders, straight grinders, impact wrenches from ZIPP and others.

  Air Tool Catalog


Glue Guns & Glue Sticks

PRO450 Adjustable Temperature 400 Watt Glue Gun,   5/8" Diameter x 10" Long Glue Sticks  Feed Glue Sticks at the temperature and location you want with industrial glue guns from Surebonder including adjustable temperature models along with all temperature glue sticks and hot melt adhesives.            

Glue Gun Catalog



Electric Power Tools

CS UNITEC MABasic 200 – Single speedt Portable Magnetic Drill ZIPP Cordless Drill

Power tools from leading manufacturers of corded drills, angle drills, cordless drills, drill presses, electromagnetic drills, impact wrenches, electric saws, circular saws, electric grinders, electric sanders, hammer drills, pistol grip drills, angle grinders, straight grinders, die grinders, miter saws and routers.  Also see our great selection of engine powered electric generators.      

Electric Power Tool Catalog

Automated Machinery Sensors

 HTM Proximity Sensor

Safety Light CurtainsThe Complete Source for Automated Machinery Sensors

Click headings for more Machinery Sensor Information


DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)  Dispensing Systems

User tested PUISI DEF dispensing systems and components for reliable DEF transfer & refilling, with non-contaminating component materials to DEF (ISO 22241-3). 

More DEF Dispensing System Information







Diesel & Oil Fuel Dispensing Systems

Complete Diesel & Oil Fuel Systems, pumps, meters, nozzles, oil & grease nozzles, and monitoring systems for regulation compliant non-commercial dispensing.

More Diesel & Oil Fuel Dispensing System Information





Truck Diagnostic Mobile Trailer Testers

9008DL Super MUTT® Trailer Deluxe EditionQuickly troubleshoot and repair trailer light and air brake systems with IPA MUTT state-of-the-art remote-controlled diagnostic trailer testers.

More Trailer Tester information



Click for Truck Service Industry Equipment Catalog





Truck Tire Pressure Equalizers & Alignment Products

9060 Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer (Base Model)

Increase truck fleet tire life, mileage and reduce blow-outs with IPA mobile tire pressure equalizers and tire wear comparators.

More Truck Tire Equalizer System information














Metalworking fluids, industrial lubricants, degreasers, rust preventatives and industrial cleaners whether semi-synthetic, synthetic, soluble oils, foam suppressants and more. 

 Industrial Fluids Catalog  



Industrial turning, milling, drilling, deburring, molding and grinding machines, both new and pre-owned and you'll find the most comprehensive line of industrial machining accessories anywhere.  If you don't see what you need, just ask.  

More information









Zinc, Aluminum, Copper & Magnesium Die Castings 

die casting partsAluminum die castings for automotive applicationsISO 9001:2008 Certified die castings from China for automotive, medical, builders hardware and other industries featuring a one time tooling charge for maintenance, repairs and replacement.  

Take advantage of the low labour and manufacturing costs in China and quality control is built into every process

.                                                             Die Casting  Catalog


Welding Electrode - TIG Weld 

Thoriated Tungsten TIG Welding ElectrodesCeriated tungsten TIG Welding electrodes Tungsten Inert Gas welding or TIG welding is a popular type of welding that utilizes tungsten electrodes to join various metals from Industry Depot in a variety of grades including ...


Thoriated | Lanthanated | Ceriated | Zirconiated | Yttrium | Pure | Composite 

.                                                                 TIG WELDING Catalog


Industry Depot Marketplace

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Contract Manufacturing & Sourcing Services

Industry Depot's supplier network is ready for your outsourcing. Consumer goods, Industrial, Electronic, Scientific, Medical, Transportation Equipment or Machinery.  

Contract Manufacturing  Contract Manufacturers     Sourcing Services


Med Techniks Micro Machining Tools & Accessories

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