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Oil Skimmers

Remove unwanted oil from water and water-based liquids at 1qt/hr or 1gal/hr!

  • MSB A System; A complete system with  polyurethane belt with timer for automatic control, ground fault interrupter, a handle for portability, trough extension hose and mounting fasteners.

  • ECB Cogged Poly Belt Skimmer without the accessories but with a splash-resistant motor cover

  • DBS Economy Model with a stainless motor cover and three sizes of flat polyurethane belts from 3" to 10 ft including 5"length for nwe machines with shallow sumps.

  • SMB "Skinni-Mini"  for small 2" drum bungholes for removing floating oil from stored coolant or water.

All Feature: 

  • A steel stabilizer bar for tail pulley

  • Compact design to fit small spaces

  • Can handle fluctuating liquid levels

  • Minimal coolant or water pickup

  • One year warranty for manufacturing defects

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