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Workholding Clamps
Hold Any Workpiece and Boost CNC Production with MITEE-BITE Workholding Clamps. Now Available from Industry Depot at http://www.industrydepot.com/ID-workholdingclamps.htm.
Magnetic Chuck Sale
Do you need faster workpiece load/unload set-up times? If you say "YES", MagVISE electro-permanent magnetic chucks are for your machining centers! Now SAVE 50% on Many MagVISE Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chucks while quantities last! 5 sides free for machining. Power only required for clamping and un-clamping. No workpiece deformation. Fast workpiece change-over. Ability to hold warped stock. More secure hold -- less vibration --longer tool life. Details at http://www.industrydepot.com/MagVISEElectroPermanentMagChucks.htm or call 888-849-8034 Toll Free
PRODUCTIVITY NEWS announces the Summer Spectacular Plant Meter Sale. Buy now and save while stocks are high; -Infrared portable thermometers, -Sound Level meters, -Thermo-Hygrometers, -Carbon Monoxide meters and more! Details at http://www.industrydepot.com/reedspecials.htm. Or, call 888-849-8034.
Innovative Fasteners and Tools for Every Assembly
PRODUCTIVITY NEWS reports that in recent years the market trend towards new materials used in assemblies such as composites, high-strength thin gauge steels, and die-cast magnesium has presented new challenges to fastener manufacturers. Avdel® has been at the forefront of new product development to meet these new market requirements during which time fasteners such as Versa-Nut® threaded inserts, Maxlok® lockbolts, Rivscrew® PL, Klamp-Tite®, Bulbes®, and Avinox® rivets have all been developed as fastening solutions for the changing market. See the latest issue of Productivity News at http://www.industrydepot.com/ProductivityNews0108.htm for ways that these products boost productivity while improving product integrety.
Faster Machine Tool Loading/unloading for 25% Less
SPECIAL "25% OFF" MANUFACTURER'S SALE of MagVISE electro-permanent magnetic chucks while stocks last! Get... * 5 sides free for machining * Power only required for clamping and un-clamping * No workpiece deformation * Fast workpiece change-over * Ability to hold warped stock * More secure hold -- less vibration --longer tool life. For details, check http://www.industrydepot.com/MagVISEElectroPermanentMagChucks.htm
Spring Tool-Up Specials
SAVE, SAVE, SAVE ..... With a Spring Tool-up! Buy three tools in any group and get the fourth for half price! This offer applies to almost all products but is only being offered for a limited time so act now. See the Industry Depot Home Page, www.industrydepot.com for details. Some conditions apply.
Automatically Activated Lathe Coolant Flow
Recently we learned that Dorian Tool International had introduced an extensive line-up of lathe accessories that can boost productivity for thousands of machine shops. In the latest issue of Industry Depot's Procuctivity News, the focus is on automatically activated lathe coolant flow tool posts, tool holders, boring bars and the impressive CNC Quick Change gang tool holder at http://www.industrydepot.com/DorianGangTool.htm


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