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Electromagnetic Chuck 8"x16"

Electromagnetic Chuck 8"x16"
Most suitable for grinding operations. The most popular electromagnetic chuck. The hard-soldered top plates and solid bottom plates assure rigidity, precision and durability required for magnetic chucks. Our uniquely designed construction and processing method can make face plate construction reduce weight, produce powerful magnetic force as well as make the whole construction and material reach th highest mechanical performance. Brass-welded face plate absolutely free from gap. Highly acid-proof so as to mot be affected by the coolant. Consistent temperature within 15oC and accuracy change + 0.002 at a continuous operation for more than 3 hours. More than 1000 MW of insulation resistance. 7.9" X 15.7". Requires Controller ERD-505.
SKU EET-2040
Quantity in stock item(s) available
Weight 83.60 lbs
Model EET-2040
Pole Pitch (P) mm 15(3+12)
LxWxH 8"x16"x3"
Volts DC90V
Amps .28
Weight, lbs. 84
Market price: $1725.00
Our price: $1574.40 ($CAD2219.90)
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