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Techniks CAT 40 x ER 32-2.76 Collet Chuck Tool Holder 22253

Techniks CAT 40 x ER 32-2.76 Collet Chuck Tool Holder 22253
Techniks CAT 40 x ER 32-2.76
SKU 22253
Quantity in stock item(s) available
Weight 3.00 lbs
Market price: $186.00
Our price: $139.50 ($CAD196.70)
Quantity (50 available)
Techniks CAT 40 x ER 16-6 PreCollet Chuck Tool Holder 22231 Techniks Large Rough Head** - 90° angle w/CNMG insert D 400.90.3CTW.402W Climomaster Basic Unit + Analog & Pressure
INOX FILTER for VALVE 1in G Spindle Oil #22 Spindle Oil 330 Gal. Tote Multi-Power Vac Coolant Trap
Dorian CNMG-431-PEF-DPC15HT Negative Turning Insert 10 Insert Pack On/Off 90 Techniks CAT 40 x SLN 1 1/4"- 2"Stubby Length End Mill Holder 22927A-2

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